Junior Clubs

The typical Carolina Region Junior club may be comprised of only one junior team but may consist of 20 or more. Multi-team clubs are formed for many reasons, but one benefit is for the ability to temporarily borrow players from other teams within the club for tournaments. See the Junior Player Movement Policy at FAQ for more information. Junior Club/Team Reps should use the Club Director Forms linked on this page to download all documents needed to operate during the season. For the 2022/2023 Season, please wait until the forms are labeled “2022/2023” to download and use for the current season.

2022/2023 Junior Club Director Information Webinars :

We held two preseason Junior Club Director Informational Webinars this season.  You can view a recording of the presentation here.  The slides used for the presentation are available here

Nonprofit Informational Webinar:

The Region hosted an informational webinar for Club Directors during a previous season about the advantages and disadvantages of forming a Nonprofit organization. We were fortunate to have Ms. Amanda Patty, JD, CPA, with Bernard Robinson & Company, Greensboro join us for the webinar. To view the recording of the webinar, click here. We have the slides used for the presentation available for viewing here.