Online Officials Clinic Information

PLEASE read all instructions below BEFORE taking the clinics so you are sure to take the correct one!  Professional Officials – go here for information on YOUR meetings and clinics.  The information on this page is primarily for junior players and junior coaches.

2021/2022 Junior Officiating Clinics are available in the USAV Academy!  The following modules are the only modules needed to become a Junior Referee in the Region: 

  • CR22 – 011 USAV Junior R1 Training;
  • CR22 – 012 USAV Junior R2 Training;
  • CR22 – 013 USAV Junior Line Judge Training;
  • CR22 – 014 USAV Junior Scorer Training;
  • CR22 – 015 USAV Junior Assistant Scorer/Libero Tracker Training.

 The online clinic experience has improved drastically over the last several seasons.  We encourage you to check them out again to get your Referee or Scorer Certification this season!  Read below for instructions!

General Officials Clinic Information (everyone follows these steps to begin):

  • EVERYONE can take the clinics online this year.
  • Experienced Officials will have ability to take pre-quizzes to shorten some of the modules they will view online.
  • All Clinics are accessed from within your Carolina Region/USA Volleyball Sports Engine Member account!  For step by step instructions on how to access the USAV Academy from within your SE account, click here.
  • We have auto-enrolled all Junior members into these five modules to make it easier to view and complete them.  When Junior members go to their USAV Academy site, they should see they are enrolled in those modules automatically.  Clicking on each module will allow them to complete them.
  • Adult members should go to their USAV Academy site, choose the Content Library section in the menu, then they can enroll in the curriculum (Learning Path) titled “CR22_101 Junior Officiating Coursework for Adults”.  This includes all 5 modules and once completed, they will meet the requirement to be certified.
  • When you complete your curriculum, your officials certification (under Credentials tab) will be updated AUTOMATICALLY to show the modules completed!
  • If you have not applied for your 2022 membership yet, you will need to do that first.  Go to our Online Registration Information page for instructions on registering for membership.