Online Registration Information

IMPORTANT:  As of July 15, we are no longer accepting 2020 Season membership applications.  This is for two reasons: (a) we are currently not sanctioning many activities in the state due to COVID-19 through at least August 7.  There should be very limited interest in memberships at this time since there are no USAV-sanctioned events in NC during this time; (b) USAV is transitioning to a new Member Management system for the 2021 season.  The current database is being “captured” as of July 15 so the data can be imported into the new MMS to make transitioning easier for current members.  Please email the Region office if you think you need a USAV membership during the time period of July 15-August 31.  The new system will be available for 2020-2021 memberships beginning September 1.  This page will be updated at that time with instructions for the new system.

The Carolina Region and USA Volleyball use an online registration database system. It gives members access to their personal accounts and allows individuals the ability to print their own membership cards and keep their personal information up to date with the Region, USA Volleyball, and their Clubs. Club administrators have the ability to print tournament entry forms, rosters, email members of their club, and other capabilities.

REMINDER: Since we are now hooked directly into the USA Volleyball database system, Membership fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. So, please only submit once you are certain you wish to join the Carolina Region/USAV. For STEP-BY-STEP instructions, see links in box.  Additional Information is also below the buttons.

Click applicable button below to begin your application. Be sure to read info below and/or refer to step by step instructions for more information prior to applying.


2019/2020 INFORMATION: The online registration system will begin accepting renewals and new applications for the 2019/2020 season on September 1. Once we receive payment and process the applications, your status will go to “current” for the 2019/2020 season (“20” at end of your member number). All adults affiliating with a Junior Club must complete the Junior Club Personnel Code of Ethics form before we can assign them to a roster. This form is electronic in the online system so applicants can submit either during the application process or by logging back into their account and choosing the applicable link in their menu. We encourage all individuals to apply by the Early Bird deadline of Nov. 1, 2019 to save the most money on their membership dues.

Individuals are highly encouraged to register independent of their team/club at any time! Teams/Clubs do not need to send all players in together as a team (there will be a team roster form that team reps send in with the team fee to register the team and assign players onto the teams). Players may choose UNDECIDED as their club when applying for membership, weigh their options for clubs/teams by attending tryouts, and then log in and change their club from UNDECIDED to whichever club they select. Once a club is selected, an individual may not change their club (only the Region can change if the movement is approved). So, go ahead and get your registration out of the way early and renew any time after Sept 1 for the 2019/2020 season!

  • If applying online – You may now pay with a credit card on the last screen of the application process. If you pay during the application process, you will not need to send anything else in! You can still choose to send in a check (see below) or go to our Online Payments page to pay for memberships if you wish (you still have to apply online FIRST!);
  • If applying using the paper 2020 member form – we need the completed form (2 pages) with all applicable signatures included and the appropriate dues mailed to the Region Office ($10-$25 additional fee for using paper form depending on when applying).
  • Adults affiliated with Junior Programs and Officials must have a current cleared USAV background screen (if passed last season the system will not require it of you). Those needing to be screened this season will need to submit the Background Screen consent form electronically (or print and mail from the Membership Forms section) and $19.00 fee in addition to the membership form (NOTE: The Region will pay the screen fee for our Professional Officials – Officials need to submit an unpaid application at the time of application and then go to our online payments page to only submit the membership fee). All Adults affiliating with a Junior Club must agree to and submit the Junior Club Personnel Code of Ethics (this is link to paper copy but you can submit it online during the online application process or by logging in to your member account after you have been processed for membership!). Officials must sign and submit the 2020 Independent Contractor Agreement.

That is it for required paperwork to the Region. We DO NOT need:

  • The Junior Medical Release forms (those go to clubs/coaches only)
  • Chaperone/Volunteer forms (those are samples for clubs to use if they wish)
  • A print out of your confirmation email/screen. We will just shred it and it wastes your paper and ink! Just send check (Member’s name and birthdate in memo line will identify the member) and any of the applicable paper forms required that are mentioned above.

MAILING INFO (for those not paying online either during the application process or through PayPal): Send any paperwork and dues to the Carolina Region/USAV, PO BOX 1757, CLEMMONS NC 27012-1757. Make checks payable to “Carolina Region” (include member name in memo line). Or submit an online payment [still need to mail in signed 2019 member form (if you didn’t apply online) and Background Screen consent form (if applicable and did not apply online) if you pay online!]