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Parents play a vital role in the development of Junior Volleyball in North Carolina and across the country. Many teams and clubs in remote areas of the state are initially formed by a group of parents wanting to introduce their children to the sport of volleyball. Other parents volunteer to coach a team as the number of interested players exceed the available number of coaches. Some parents serve as club administrators - volunteering countless hours to the administrative duties of running a sport’s team. And other parents volunteer to drive players to practices and competitions or host other team functions. Above all else, all parents are involved with encouraging and cheering their child(ren) to enjoy volleyball as much as possible.

This section of the Carolina Region Web Site is dedicated to all parents. We will try to list information, links, and articles that may be of interest to parents as they help guide their child(ren) through Youth Sports and specifically, the Carolina Region. Several of the pages deal with the issue of Sportsmanship and Parent behavior. We have been fortunate in the Carolina Region to not have too many issues of inappropriate behavior by parents. However, it has been getting worse over the seasons so the Junior Advisory Board will be looking at developing a Policy on Parent and Spectator Behavior. We all have read about incidents across the country where parents and coaches have taken their involvement with Youth Sports to the extreme, and we are trying to avoid that in the Carolina Region. We hope Clubs, teams, and parents will use these resources to help educate all that are involved in Junior Volleyball as to the type of behavior that should be used and encouraged. After all, volleyball is just a game and should be FUN!

This page is intended to be a work in process. We will continue to add information and links to this section as we discover or develop it.

Parents’ Resources:

Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect - Info Sheet for Clubs, Coaches and parents on this important topic in the media

USOC’s SafeSport
USOC’s intent with SafeSport is to provide information and resources so that all members of the sport community have the awareness, tools and support structure they need to do their part. By taking a proactive stance and working together, we can ensure that sport continues to deliver on its promise to athletes and the communities that nurture them.  Here is a good quote from a recent SafeSport Newsletter - “Athlete safety and welfare policies do not imply distrust and are not intended to portray coaches or others as "villains." The appropriate analogy is to liken these policies to what we all have to endure when taking an airline trip and tolerating airport security measures. We suffer these restrictions on our personal freedoms because we know that one terrorist can cause terrible harm. Similarly, athlete safety and welfare policies restrict the actions and behaviors of coaches and others in order to maximize the possibility that we will be able to protect program participants from the harm caused by one person with malicious intent.” 

How do I Choose a Junior Volleyball Club?

2016/2017 Carolina Region Club Tryout Policy

2016/2017 Junior Division Structure and Tournament Information - Explanation of the divisions and how sites assigned

2016/2017 Site Assignment Example - Visual on how teams assigned to sites for tournaments

USA Volleyball Boys’ and Girls’ Junior National Championship Informational Sheet

Am I Too Short for Volleyball?

Concussions in Youth Sports - Fact Sheet for Athletes

Concussions in Youth Sports - Fact Sheet for Parents

Information on Becoming a Collegiate Student Athlete

Concussions in Youth Sports - Video

momsTEAM Concussion Information

STOP Sports Injuries - Volleyball

New Steps to Help Prevent Knee Injuries in Teen Sports - From Wall Street Journal, Sept 2011

Center for Sports Parenting

Positive Coaching Alliance

National Alliance for Youth Sports

Character Counts!

Respect in Sport

Successful Sports Parenting


Youth Sports Resources - Responsible Sports Provided by Liberty Mutual Insurance

Heads Up: Concusion in Youth Sports - free online course on recognizing and responding to concussions

Stop Sports Injuries - http://www.stopsportsinjuries.org/

kidpower - Resources for parents and organizations on preventing abuse and bullying

A Coach’s Guide to Parental Roles and Responsibilities in Sport