When looking at our Tournament Roster, we see a ‘Y’ and ‘P’ under the Referee or Scorer columns. What does that mean?

The 'Y' means that player or coach has attended a Referee (or Scorer ONLY clinic if it is under the Scorer column) and has completed all the requirements to be certified.  The 'Y' stands for 'Yes' (they are certified).

The 'P' means that player or coach has 'registered' for a clinic (either in-person or online) but HAS NOT completed all their requirements to be certified yet.  Their certification is 'Pending'.  If the player or coach is taking the online clinic, then they need to log in to the course site and complete the clinic curriculum to 100%.  Once it shows as 100%, their certification should move to current (and a 'Y' will appear on the next roster printed).  If a player/coach attended an in-person clinic and their status is showing as a 'P', then they need to contact the Region office so we can confirm they were on the results report from the clinic.

Only those individuals showing as a 'Y' should be reffing and scoring at the tournaments.