What are the most common errors associated with Registration?

  •  Applying online for membership and not following up with required payment (for those that choose to not submit credit card payment during the process). Those people can pay online through our Payments Page (or mail in a check). Applying online does not mean you are registered. It is just the first step in the process. To complete the process, submit your dues to the Region Office. Adults affiliating with a Junior team also need to be background screened. If your screen is due this season, you will be prompted by the online registration system to complete the consent form electronically. You would only need to submit your membership fees and $18.00 background screen fee to complete the process.
  • Juniors - the Medical Release form is not sent to Region but given to your club. All applicable forms and payments are due in our office at least one week before your event (or as late as Thursday before with added $5 late fee!). Once we receive and process, THEN you are a current member (you'll be able to print a current USAV card in the system).
  • Incorrect registration form used (if using paper option).  Registrations submitted on previous year's form will be returned and delayed until the current year's form is submitted. The language on the front and back changes from year to year and our insurance company requires the current year's form to be used with original signatures. All individuals are requested to register/renew ONLINE (must wait until after September 1 to register for the next season). If you register online, you WILL NOT need to send a waiver to the office (we only need payment sent in to complete the process if you do not pay during the process). Full members will also save money by applying online!
  • Paper forms submitted without being signed on the front and back or in all spots. Juniors need to have form signed also by a parent or guardian in the proper spot on the all pages of the form (this only applies to those using the paper registration form).
  • Birthdate is incorrect or blank. Birth year will be listed as current year instead of year of birth.  Birthdate is a required field, especially for juniors, as junior teams are grouped strictly by birthdate (see below). This is not applicable if applying online as birthdate is a required field in the online application.
  • Junior Club Personnel do not submit their signed Junior Club Personnel Code of Ethics Form and do not submit a Background Screen Release and Waiver form (for new Adults affiliating with a Junior club this season or those whose screen will be expiring at the end of the the past season). Junior Club Personnel can submit all the required forms electronically during the registration application process if they apply online.
  • Officials do not submit their signed Independent Contractor Agreement or do not submit their Background Screen Release and Waiver form.
  • Amount paid is incorrect or more than one check submitted. Submitting only one check greatly reduces paperwork in office.
  • Faxed Copies/Copies/Submitted in pencil - USA Volleyball and our insurance company requires us to have original signatures on file for our members. We will accept faxes to the Region Office, but memberships cannot be processed until payment is received in the office also. Any faxed or copies of membership forms that are submitted to the Region will require the original membership form to be submitted to the Region within one week. Please submit the original membership forms with original signatures in PEN to avoid registration delays.