2013 Unaffiliated Player List

Adult players can register with the Region (at regular fees) as unaffiliated. Adult teams in need of a player for a specific tournament can consult this list and contact players to pick up for that specific tournament. Unaffiliated players may play in THREE tournaments (with three different teams if it works out that way) while they are on the unaffiliated player list (then they must officially join a team to continue to play). After the THIRD tournament played, the player may choose which team they wish to register for the remainder of the season. Players must be listed on the roster of the team at the tournament as "FROM UNAFFILIATED PLAYER LIST".  Only players listed on list may be picked up at Adult tournaments!  If you would like to be on this list, send an email to the Region Office.


NAMEUSAV#EMAILTournaments Played
Kelsie QueenCR1205028FR13kelsielqueen@gmail.com1
Kathryn ThillCR1650266FR13kathrynthill@gmail.com0
Amber FulkCR1005664FR13volleybird@yadtel.net1


NAMEUSAV#EMAILTournaments Played
Joseph KolousekCR2430231MCA13jskolous@ncsu.edu1
Jeff Dobertone-event
Greg KabbesCR2075950MR13