Setter Assessment

Questions for Identifying Elite Setters for USA Volleyball Pipeline:

The following questions provide a general framework for evaluating current and potential setters for USA Volleyball National Pipeline.

1. Does the setter understand/apply a balanced and athletic ready position that allows for efficient movement from base setting position?
2. Does the setter see the ball off the passer’s platform quickly (or even sometimes anticipate that, based on passer’s body position)?
3. Does the setter react quickly and efficiently with his/her feet (first step)?
4. Is core strength sufficient that the upper body remains in control as he/she accelerates?
5. Is his/her footwork to the ball crisp and efficient?
6. Does he/she effectively stop and/or regain balance or body control at the point of set.
7. Does he/she strive to gain a neutral position for the set?
8. Does he/she have the strength to set both pins from that neutral position at different places on the court?
9. Can he/she run different tempo sets to both pins?
10. Are his/her hands soft/supple with the ball, yet fast and accelerating for the set.
11. Does he/she backset effectively when forced off the net?
12. Does he/she seem to be thinking about whether the previous set succeeded or failed and why?  (subjective)
13. Does he/she communicate with his/her hitters and strive to provide them a better set each time?
14. Does he/she know what to do, or figure out what to do, on broken plays?
15. Does he/she know when to play a first ball, and when not to?
16. Is he/she quick and efficient to the net in transition?
17. What does he/she do with the ball in transition?
18. Does he/she understand the principles of the quick attack and when it might be most effective?
19. Does he/she understand the principle of finding the middle attackers “power point” when setting the quick attack?
20. Does he/she look across the net and seem to be thinking about who is blocking where? (subjective)
21. Does he/she lead the team with confidence?
22. How does he/she react when the team starts losing?  (When the going gets tough, where does he/she go?)
23. Is he/she an effective, or at least aggressive, blocker?
24. How well does he/she succeed running the offense after coming down from a block?
25. Can he/she serve a variety of serves?

  • hard, flat floater
  • jump serve
  • short serve
  • jump floater

26. When on the front row, can and does he/she attack the ball, or at least tip effectively to the open court?
27. Does he/she know when it’s a good time for the setter attack/dump in a play or in a game?
28. Does he/she jump set?
29. Does his/her accuracy or tempo change when jump-setting?
30. Can he/she pull out a tight or fast pass and make an effective set without netting?