RVA Buying Alliance

The Carolina Region has joined with several other Regions of USA Volleyball to form a Buying Alliance with major companies across the country that provide volleyball equipment and apparel.  The goal was to pool together the collective purchasing power of the Regions’ members to access greater discounts on the products our members buy annually.  The companies were very receptive to this alliance and we were able to get very good prices on many of the products you will need for the coming season.

Check out the link below for the companies included or see this flyer.  Download the Price List provided on the link below (NOTE: this is an excel file and most companies has its own TAB at the bottom to choose between-if they do not have a tab then the prices are on the companies website linked on the page OR you have to call in and confirm eligibility to order from that company) and then follow the instructions to place your order.  We hope this proves to be a valuable benefit for your Carolina Region Membership!

Carolina Region Buying Alliance link