Online Clinic Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ below was provided by the Administrators of the site where members can go to access the Officials clinics and get credit for them.  These are some of the most frequent questions received so far.

Q: Can I access the material on an iPad or iPhone?
N: No. Not at this time.

Q: How do I find courses?
A: After creating your student login, be sure you are in the My Courses tab. There you will find several curricula for you to enroll in. Click on the curriculum that meets your needs as described here.

Q: What’s my ID?
A: This system is new. You need to create a new ID.

Q: I have an ID obtained through the Coaching Education Program. Should I use that login?
A: No. Use a different user name (but you can use the same email address). If you don’t, you will not be able to access VRT’s materials.

Q: Do I use my USA Volleyball ID?
A: You don’t have to. You may create a new user ID if you’d like.

Q: What courses should I take and in what order?
A: Once you choose your curriculum in My Courses, everything is self-contained in that curriculum.  Take everything in that curriculum and when you complete it to 100% you will be done.  There is no need to open up any other curriculum (as long as you chose correctly!)

Q: What are these Acknowledgements in the materials?
A: Those are one-slide sign-offs that you have taken clinics so you can move on to exams/quizzes. These are necessary because many regions do in-person clinics.

Q: Will my status be updated on my membership card?
A: Yes!  The Region will update your member record when your status is 100% complete.  It may take some time as we have 4000+ to update between online and in-person clinics.  If it is not updated by mid-January please contact the Region Office.

Q: Courses are greyed out, but I want to take them. How do I do that?
A: Those courses have prerequisites that still need to be fulfilled. When they are met, you will be able to click on course/quiz/exam.

Q: How do I access information about who has completed what courses?
A: Certifications will be updated in the member records.  A member can log in to their record to confirm their certification status (per above, wait until mid-January to allow us time to update all records).  Coaches will see certifications printed on the rosters at the tournaments.  Club Administrators can check within their member record to see club certifications.

Q: What happened to the emails with test results?
A: Results are captured in the LMS. Regional personnel need to access reports through the LMS to obtain clinic/quiz/exam results. There is no need to forward any results to the Region as we will see the status on the backend.

Q: What happened to clinic/exam passwords?
A: They are no longer needed. Each individual has a unique login.

Q. Can I use the same ID as I used for IMPACT On Demand.
A. No, you need to have two different log in ID’s for IMPACT and the Officials Website.