Indoor Rules and Information

All sports have rules in place so the participants know how to play the game and individuals assigned to oversee the competition (officials) so the participants are assured of fair competition. Use this section to find links to the current USA Volleyball Domestic Competition Regulations (DCR aka “rules”) and any interpretations and technique updates issued by USA Volleyball.  For more information about Indoor Volleyball Officiating in the Carolina Region, contact Marilyn Thompson, Carolina Region Officials Program Director and Ronnie Mutter, Carolina Region Referee Chair.

USAV Domestic Competition Regulations

Libero Serving Rule Change for 2012/2013 Season

Libero Serve Rule Change - Scorer Procedures 2012/2013

2011-2013 Significant Rules Changes

2011-2013 DCR Significant Changes - slideshow pdf

Rule Interpretations and Clarifications (Current Season and Past Seasons)

Serving Rule for 12 and Under Tournaments

USAV Casebook

Feb 2009 RVA Newsletter

Mar 2009 RVA Newsletter