Officials Clinics

All USA Volleyball Referees and Scorekeepers must annually attend a clinic and pass the current season’s tests to be certified. This section of the website contains information about the Carolina Region Officials Re-Cert clinics.

Re-Certification Clinics Information:

Officials (Referees and Scorekeepers) that were certified (attended clinic and took/passed the written tests) during the 2012/2013 season are eligible to attend 2013/2014 Re-cert clinics (the Recert Clinics will only be offered online this season).  ALL individuals can take the officials clinics online this season - those that are Re-Cert Eligible will be able to take the Re-Cert clinics; all others will take the NEW clinics.  See the online clinic start page for more info.

2013/2014 SEASON - WE have now updated the individual records for re-cert eligibility. Members can use process below to check their status for the 2013/2014 season.  Log in to your Carolina Region/USAV member account (the same account you used/created to apply for membership for the current season).

Click on "My Information" in the lefthand menu.

You should be in the "Main Info" tab. In the second column in YELLOW highlight/RED lettering is a "Re-Cert Eligible" field.

Use the following KEY to determine your status:

  • S = eligible to take the Scorekeeper Re-Cert clinic
  • B = eligible to take EITHER the Referee or Scorekeeper Re-Cert clinics
  • If field is blank, you are not eligible to take the Re-Cert clinics this season

You can check in your record to see what officials clinic information we have for you.

  • Click the "Other Info" tab at the top
  • About half-way down, there is a horizontal row of tabs. Click the "Official Info" tab.
  • Your past certifications will be listed there. To be eligible for Re-Cert clinics, you should have a certification for the 2012/2013 season showing (expired 10/31/2013).