Official Ratings

Congratulations to the Referees and Scorekeepers below from the Carolina Region that have advanced through the National Rating process to achieve the following Ratings:

FIVB International Certified Referee Rating:
Kevin Wendelboe

USA Volleyball NATIONAL Referee Rating:
Rob Boggs (Retired)
Dennis Branch (Retired)
Wade Brence
Doug Fagan
Tony Fontanelle
Betty Fox (Retired)
Sandy Fox (Retired)
Anthony Hill
Brian Jones
Rick Laskey
Ken Matz (Retired)
Charlie McAllister (Retired)
Randy McLamb
Keith Murlless
Ronald Mutter
Michael O’Connor
Pati Rolf
Stephen Shepherd
Fred Wendelboe (Retired)
Kevin Wendelboe
Ray Wiley (Retired)
Clark Wright (Retired)
Charlie Yang

USA Volleyball JUNIOR NATIONAL Referee Rating:
Mitch Atkinson
Al Cleary
Vaughn Hastings
Chuck McCracken (Retired)
Frank Motondo, Jr.
Bonnie O’Connor
Gary Odle (Retired)
Marilyn Thompson
Steve Truckenbrod
Tad Watson
Brian Webb
Ron Weigand
Roy West (Retired)

FIVB International Certified Beach Referee Rating:
Suzanne Lowry
Keith Murlless

USA Volleyball NATIONAL Beach Referee Rating:
Ken Matz (retired)
Randy McLamb

USA Volleyball ZONAL Beach Referee Rating:
Wade Brence
Johnny Guterwill
Charlite Yang

USA Volleyball LOCAL Beach Referee Rating:
Eddie Carruthers
Glenn Horton
David Mabe
Larry Salefsky

FIVB INTERNATIONAL Scorekeeper Rating:
Amber Fulk
Dee Yoe (retired)

USA Volleyball NATIONAL Scorekeeper Rating:
Betty Fox (Retired)
Amber Fulk
Mike Fulk (Retired)
Anthony Hill
Jeff Hoppen (International Qualified)
Ken Matz (Retired)
Chuck McCracken
Randy McLamb
Ronald Mutter
Terry Pickett (Retired)
Marilyn Thompson
Jessica Webb
Ron Weigand (International Qualified)
Kevin Wendelboe (International Qualified)

USA Volleyball JUNIOR NATIONAL Scorekeeper Rating:
Charlie Yang

USA Volleyball NATIONAL Outdoor Scorekeeper Rating (Old Certification-No longer Given):
Randy McLamb
Dee Yoe(retired)