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The Carolina Region offers competitive opportunities for Junior Girls in the following age groups: 18U (18 and under), 17U, 16U, 15U, 14U, 13U, and 12U. Our Junior Program is our most popular program and continues to grow! A 11 and under Youth membership option (born on or after Sept 1 of the current season’s cutoff) offers a low-cost option for members and clubs looking for developmental programming.  USAV Volleyball also provides an 8 & under member category (born on or after 9/1/2007) that clubs can use to futher develop the sport at the Youth level.  8 and under members will have USAV insurance coverage, but they would not be eligible to play in National events (would have to upgrade to a full junior membership to participate in National events like Qualifiers and JNC).   Use the links on this page to find additional information about our Junior Program.

Carolina Region Junior Player Recruiting

updated August 27, 2008

The Carolina Region has had tremendous growth in the number of Junior members over the past several seasons. While this is good for the overall level of play and promotion of volleyball in North Carolina, it has magnified many of the problems with recruiting that a competitive program will often have. For this reason, the Carolina Region Board of Directors has issued the following to address some of the questions and concerns about the recruiting of players to try to avoid serious problems in the future with recruiting.

Guiding Principle:
Clubs/Teams/Coaches need to understand that they do not own the rights to players. Players (with help from their parents/guardians) have the right to choose where they want to get their club volleyball experience. Each membership year, each family (which includes the individual player and his/her parents/guardians) has the right to choose to play for a different club/team than the year before without repercussions from their previous club. A club is defined as one or more teams registering with the Carolina Region and club representatives include but are not limited to official club reps, team reps, coaches, assistant coaches, chaperones, parents of players in the club, and players in the club (all of which may represent the club to others in some capacity).

Promoting a Club:
Clubs have the right to promote their club and tryout information. They may do this in a variety of ways including but not limited to newspaper ads, direct mail, flyers, brochures, and websites. Clubs may mail/email general information on their tryouts/club to anyone. Clubs may approach players to inquire as to their club affiliation status and to promote their own club.

Recruiting a Player:
Clubs and individuals are permitted to attempt to recruit a player to play with their club at any time. Once a player has committed to a particular club in a specific season, any recruitment can only be for a future season. Players and families have the right to inform other clubs that they have signed a Letter of Commitment with a club and request not to be contacted in the future. Other clubs must respect and honor this request and may not denigrate other clubs while promoting their own club. The Carolina Region expects all coaches and club representatives to honor the Junior Club Personnel Code of Ethics and Participant Code of Conduct that they agree to uphold each season which addresses appropriate behavior towards athletes and their families.

The Carolina Region/USAV encourages all clubs to adopt these philosophies/principles as policies within their club at a minimum for the benefit of all junior players in our Region. The Junior Division welcomes all comments from the junior community on this and other issues concerning the division. Please direct all communications through the Region Office ( and we will address it at future Junior Advisory Board meetings.

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