Junior Official Ratings

Congratulations to the outstanding Junior officials below from the Carolina Region that have received their Junior Regional rating (those honored receive a patch and whistle signifying their rating). NOTE:  This program is being reinstituted for the 2014 season.  Junior Officials interested in attaining this certification should download the Rating form and take it with them their tournaments (a Regional 2 or higher must observe and complete the forms - it may take multiple tournaments to perform as both an R1 and R2 and have a qualified rater observe both positions).

Junior Regional Referee Ratings by year:


Cathleen DelanoSet Point 18 Black
Cameron DubucSlammers 18’s
Meghan GasperTriangle 17 Blue
Haley Hawkins 
Anna HeinzLAVA Flames 18
Meredith HumphreysChampion 18-1
Kaitlan KrivdoBrick City 18’s Blaze
Christine NgeveChampion 18-1
Kennedey PaineAcademy 18 Diamond
Drew RoysterPiedmont 16 White
Katelynn StovallFAVA Attack
Marissa ThomasApex Stars 16
Caroline WellsPiedmont 18 Mizuno
Shira WellsNC Elite 18 Cardinal


Ashley KuehlTCV 18 S.W.A.T. Team
Madison SantaFC Firecrackers 18


Kimberly BarnumSummerfieldPTVC 17 SportsPlex
Heather ChiangCaryCCVC-Swat Team 18
Hillary ChiangCaryCCVC-Swat Team 18
Tamara EstesStatesvilleI.C. Stars 16
Brittany FloydCaryCCVC Las Leonas 17
Leigh HornerGreensboroPTVC 16 Twisters
Caroline JohnsonCorneliusLNVB Impact (16’s)
Chelsea KnightMadisonPannix 17
Kelly MooreHickoryHickory Hammers 14 Blue
Kelly MooseConoverHickory Hammers 18
Jessica NicholsMt. AiryPTVC 18 Mizuno
Bridget StophelRuffinRCWVC Rockers 1
Jennifer ThomasSanfordUnaffiliated


Laura DroegeDurhamDurham Lady Panthers 14
Adria FecteauFuquay VarinaCary YMCA Spikeforce 14
Melissa JohnstonWake ForestPulse 17
Leanne MadtesGreensboroPVC-Mizuno 17
Kate SummersHickoryMtn View-Hickory Hammers 14
Ashley WilliamsNew BernNBGVC Aces
Lauren WoodMebaneDOVE 14


DeLaina BlytheBiltmore 18
Ashley BoardTriangle 17
Lauren CummingsSanford Slam 18
Jacqueline FilzenMakai Wahines 18
Lauren HoltonMakai Wahini 17
Erin StrongPulse 17
Ellen SwansonPVC-Mizuno 17
Emily ZeringCCVC-Sting 16


Amanda StanleyPMVBC-Dominators


Dru SweetserYVVC-Flames