Juniors Clinics

Clubs/Teams, please set your Officiating Clinic dates and sites early and let us know (See Host Your Own Clinic info). 

For ALL Referee/Scorekeeping Clinics, pre-registration is REQUIRED from within your MEMBER RECORD (this includes Region-hosted AND Club-hosted clinics this season-see below for more pre-registration information). Junior Teams are limited to sending no more than FIVE (5) players per team to a "Region-sponsored" Junior Clinic. You must submit your pre-registration information at least ONE (1) WEEK before the clinic. AGAIN FOR 2014/2015:  Pre-registration for the clinics will occur WITHIN the membership record for each individual for ALL Clinics.  So, all attendees will need to be current members and then from within their record they will be able to register for a clinic (choose "Event Registration-Region Ref/Score clinics" to see list of clinics to pre-register for).  Region-sponsored clinics are free for those that pre-register. There will be a $10 charge at the door for those that do not pre-register, and they will only be allowed to participate if there is space available. Club-sponsored clinics may have a charge at the door to help them cover expenses (contact host club for more info).  DO NOT sign up for a Club-Hosted Clinic if you are not a member of their club until you receive permission from the Club Contact!  Please bring a pen/pencil and paper for note-taking. Teams/Clubs may also choose to Host Your Own Clinic (Please read before setting up!) on a date and time of their choosing. This is encouraged to ease the overload at Region clinics. Please NOTE: Again for 2014/2015 - the JUNIOR Officials Clinic will be available online for those needing a FULL clinic and those eligible for a Recert Clinic.  See the Online Clinic Information page at left for information.  For information on logging in to your account to check your Re-Cert eligibility, click here.  NOTE:  There will be NO Recert clinics offered in-person this season - Only FULL clinics.  Those eligible for a Recert clinic may take them online only.

NOTE - Only Junior Players may attend a Junior clinic (except for the adult on the team roster that is attending to meet the requirement of having a certified adult on each team’s roster that will be at the SCORE TABLE at all officiating duties of the team. An adult attending the Junior clinic will not be eligible to officiate in the Adult tournaments unless they attend an adult clinic -attending an adult clinic will meet the requirement to be certified if that adult is also on a Junior roster). Adults (coaches, players, and officials) must attend an Adult clinic to get certified to officiate on the stand. Juniors may elect to attend any of the Adult Clinics also if space is available (however, the format of the clinics are slightly different).

AGAIN FOR 2014/2015: All First year adult coaches that intend to get certified as an official MUST attend a LIVE clinic (to meet the above requirement of one adult per junior team certified they can attend a Junior clinic). If this coach also wants to be their official for an Adult team, then they would have to attend an ADULT Officiating clinic instead (meets both requirements).

Informational Meeting for Junior Officials ages 16-18:

  •  October 5, 2014 - 4:00 - 6:00 pm. SITE: Fairfield Inn & Suites (RDU Airport), 10040 Sellona Street, Raleigh, NC 27617. This meeting is for experienced Junior Officials ages 16-18 that might be interested in working as officials at the younger age group tournaments on their off-weekend.  Attending the meeting does not commit you to working as an officials!  Pre-register for the meeting, by logging in to your Carolina Region/USA Volleyball member record, Go to Event Registration in the menu, choose "Other Region Events", and select the "Junior Officials Informational Meeting 2014" Register button.  See our Informational Flyer for additional information.

Clinic Information:

All in-person clinics have been completed for the 2014 season. Anyone may still complete the clinics online. Instructions are here.

Region Sponsored:
Teams/Clubs may also choose to Host Your Own Clinic on a date and time of their choosing. This is encouraged to ease the overload at Region clinics.

  • Region Clinic schedule is being developed.  Clinics will be posted here when finalized.

Club Sponsored:
Teams/Clubs may also choose to Host Your Own Clinic on a date and time of their choosing. This is encouraged to ease the overload at Region clinics. Please read before setting up your clinic. Some clubs that set up their own clinic may accept attendees from outside their club. Contact the club contact for more information.  Pre-registration from within WebPoint is REQUIRED for Club Hosted Clinics this season!  This will enable us to batch upload the results into Player’s records much easier as the clinic will be linked within webpoint to the players!  If you are NOT a member of the listed CLUB, do not pre-register until you contact the Club and ask to see if they have room for outside players.

  • Club Sponsored Clinics will be posted here as they are set up.  See Event Registration within Webpoint Registration system to view clinic details and to register when posted.