USAV IMPACT Clinic Program

The entry level course for Coaches developed by USA Volleyball is IMPACT (Increased Mastery and Professional Application of Coaching Theory).  ALL coaches in the Carolina Region (Head or Assistant) are required to have their current IMPACT Certification reflected in their member record, before they can be added to a roster and coach in a sanctioned tournament.

The Carolina Region used to post on our website a list of all coaches that had been IMPACT certified.  This was useful before the online database became universal and when IMPACT clinics were mainly scheduled in-person.  Now that we have the online database and with the implementation of the online IMPACT On-Demand Course, it has become more time-consuming to try to keep an updated list current on the website.

All coaches can now check their IMPACT certification status by logging in to their membership record and doing the following:
- Click My Information in the lefthand menu
- Click the Other Info tab
- Half-way down the page there are more tabs to choose.  Click the "CAP Info" tab.
- IMPACT and CAP Certification information will be there.
- The Carolina Region also currently uses the IMPACT renewal field to track the Continuing Education Requirement for coaches.  The expiration date listed is the date coaches need to attend another Approved Continuing Education clinic to remain in Good Standing as a Coach.  See the Coaching Education Policy for more information.
- The highest coaching certification that a coach attains will also print automatically on the USAV Member card, so coaches may use their card as proof of certification.

If you need to get IMPACT certified, please see our Coaching Clinic page for a list of available opportunities (both in the Region and On-Demand).