Frequently Asked Questions

This section will be updated during the season as questions arise. Please check here first for the answers to your questions. NOTE:Information below may have been summarized, rephrased to suit this FAQ section, or updated based on current season conditions and questions to aid in the information disclosure. Refer to the 2017 Operating Code for the approved Carolina Region policies and procedures. If there are any discrepancies not accounted for by in-season adjustments (i.e. for weather cancellations, etc), the 2017 Operating Code will be the final text for all policies.

Board of Directors Information:
When is the next Board of Director Meeting?

Sunday, May 1, 2016 - Annual Meeting of the Carolina Region - Site: Koury Convention Center, Greensboro (Pinehurst Room).  1:00 pm (Annual Meeting followed by Business meeting).  All Carolina Region Board meetings are open to Carolina Region members. We encourage all members to get involved with improving the sport of volleyball throughout North Carolina. Come to a meeting and lend a hand!

How does one become a Board member?

The President, Treasurer, and Secretary of the Carolina Region's Board of Directors is elected every three years at the Annual Meeting usually held in April or May (current terms end in 2012). The rest of the Board is elected from their division's Advisory Board. Those interested in running for a position can contact any Board member or the Office to be included in an Advisory Board. See the Board section of our website for more information. The Board of Directors is comprised of all volunteers dedicated to improving volleyball in North Carolina. We invite you to join in the efforts of these individuals!

Junior Competition Questions:
What is the minimum age required to coach in the Junior Program?

All Junior coaches must be at least 18 years of age and at least two years older than the team they coach. However, individuals who have reached their 16th birthday may serve as a rostered Assistant Coach for teams that are a minimum of three age groups younger than the coach. Teams utilizing these junior coaches must register a Chaperone 25 or older also to be on the roster and sit on the bench in the event that the Head Coach is not able to finish a match on the bench. In addition, the Head Coach must be 25 or older and must be on the bench to start all matches. These Junior coaches must comply with all coaching prerequisites (IMPACT/SafeSport) before they can be added to the roster. In the event, the coach turns 18 during the season, they must clear the USAV Background Screen policy and would be governed by the current Coaches’ policies as found in the Operating Code.

Other minimum requirements for Coaches:

  • Clear the USAV/RVA Background Screen (all adults affiliating with junior program must clear this)
  • Sign the USAV Junior Club Personnel Code of Ethics Form.  This is done electronically during the Registration process if the member checks they will be affiliating with a Junior Club (if they don't check that, they can log back in to member account and submit from the MEMBER HOME page).
  • Obtain an IMPACT or CAP Certification (After initial certification, coaches must attend an approved continuing education clinic every three seasons to remain eligible to coach)
  • Must be SafeSport certified
What are the USA Volleyball Junior age division definitions for the 2016-2017 season?

For a chart to help check your age division, view this provided by USAV.

Once a player participates (including but not limited to practicing, training, attending workouts and/or competing) in a club or varsity program for any university, college, community college, or junior college, he/she is ineligible to take part in any regional and national programming, which includes but is not limited to national JNC qualifying and championship events.

(a) 18 and under division:
Players who were born on or after September 1st, 1998 or Players who were born on or after September 1, 1997 and a high school student in the twelfth (12th) grade or below during some part of the current academic year

(b) 17 and under division:
Players who were born on or after Sept. 1st, 1999.

(c) 16 and under division:
Players who were born on or after Sept. 1st, 2000.

(d) 15 and under division:
Players who were born on or after Sept. 1st, 2001.

(e) 14 and under division
Players who were born on or after Sept. 1st, 2002.

(f) 13 and under division:
Players who were born on or after Sept. 1st, 2003.

(g) 12 and under division:
Players who were born on or after Sept. 1st, 2004.

(h) 11 and under division (YOUTH-If register as Youth not eligible for National events [Qualifiers] - must upgrade to full Junior membership):
Players who were born on or after Sept. 1st, 2005.

(i) 8 and under division (membership is FREE!):
Players who were born on or after Sept. 1st, 2008.

Note: These age definitions are used for domestic club programs and are NOT the same age definitions for the International and Domestic High Performance programs for 2017.

The classification cut-off date of September 1 was reviewed by the USAV Junior Assembly and the USA Regional
Volleyball Association Assembly prior and during to the USAV 2016 Annual Meetings and research justified the
continuation of the cut-off date of September 1.

The Age Definition Policy was most recently revised by the USA Volleyball Board of Directors on January 19, 2002.

Will there be a Seeding Tournament?

Club Divisions will not have a Seeding tournament.  For the 2016 season, when registering their teams with the Region, Club teams will indicate where they think their team fits under the following groups:  Top 20%; top 40%; top 60%; top 80%; or bottom 20%.  These designations will be used to set the starting points value for the teams in the Region's Points System.  Teams will not be shown in ANY divisions this year!  Assignments to tournament sites will be handled by using the Rankings in the Points System and sending teams to sites in groups of 4-team pools.  Teams will need to enter a tournament by the Two-week entry deadline and then we will assign the teams to sites in the system based on the rankings.  Teams will move up and down the rankings strictly by the results of the matches they play.  The initial starting points value will not be adjusted as in seasons past (However, new for 2016, a club director can request a change in the initial points value after the second scheduled tournament for their age group.  Requests must be received by noon on the Monday following that tournament).  

If my coach is a High School or Middle School coach, how many of their players can they coach in Carolina Region volleyball?

First, there are no policies instituted by the Carolina Region on this. The Carolina Region simple goal is for as many players (and coaches) to participate as possible for the enjoyment of the sport. This question needs to be answered by your school's Athletic Director or by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA). The NCHSAA does place a limit on the number of players a HS coach can coach in off-season organizations, so any coaches concerned about that needs to direct their questions to the NCHSAA (919.240.7401) or their school Athletic Director.

Our coach is registered and plays with an adult team. Does he/she have to send in another registration form and pay the membership fee again?

NO. Once someone is registered as a member with the Region in whatever capacity for the current season, then they do not have to register again to coach a team. Just add them to the Team Registration Form with a notation that they are already a member and have them log in to their member record to submit the Junior Club Personnel Code of Conduct Form and Background Screen permission form (with $17.50 if applicable). They also must be IMPACT certified to coach a Junior team.

Our coach has already attended an IMPACT clinic. Does he/she have to attend another IMPACT clinic?

The Carolina Region has updated its Coaching Education Policy.  It states: The Carolina Region believes that every player deserves a coach trained in the current techniques and safety issues of the sport. All Head and Assistant Coaches are required to have, at a minimum, current IMPACT certification in order to coach in the Region. An IMPACT certification now grants three seasons of coaching eligibility in the Carolina Region. Although USAV IMPACT certification does not expire, the Region believes it is important for coaches to stay current in the field. The Region uses the IMPACT certification field in each coach’s member account to track the need for recertification. Coaches may check their certification status and renewal date on the Webpoint system. Attending an IMPACT clinic, CAP clinic, or other approved HP Coaching Development Clinic at any time will extend a coach’s eligibility for another three seasons. 

The Carolina Region Board established that all coaches that had a previous IMPACT certification would have an initial expiration date of October 31, 2012.  Coaches that have an expired Continuing Education Status will need to attend an approved clinic before the current season in order to remain eligible to coach.

Can we play in a higher age group than our current one?

Maybe. All play in an age group other than the one you are registered for must be approved by the Region. ALSO, acceptance into the higher age group is contingent on two factors: (a) there is room in the field for your team (same-division teams get first priority), and (b) playing in a different division does not adversely affect the division you were assigned (i.e. doesn't cause that division to cancel a tournament OR there are a viable number of teams left to hold a competitive tournament). Teams should indicate on their tournament entry the division they are requesting to play in if it is different than the one assigned. The Points System page created for the specific tournament will display whether that team was allowed to play in the division requested (but not until after the entry deadline passes). Teams may only play in the Regional Championships for which they are currently assigned by the Region at the entry deadline.

Can our practices/tryouts be covered by the Region's Insurance Program? What is a Sanctioned Event?

When you join the Carolina Region, you are joining a group Association (two associations really - the Carolina Region and all its members and then USA Volleyball as a whole which allows us to use the whole country's membership totals in negotiations. Please keep in mind that the Carolina Region and USA Volleyball are two separate organizations - a common error we get is checks made payable to USAV). One of the benefits you receive as a member of this association is General Liability Insurance and a Secondary Medical policy coverage at "Sanctioned Events" (for more on the insurance component see the Insurance Section of our Team Handbooks at the CLUB section of the website). Events may be either sanctioned by USA Volleyball (i.e. Qualifiers, Junior National Championships, National High Performance clinics, etc) or the Regions of USAV (Regional Volleyball Associations or RVAs). The Regions sanction events like local tournaments, clinics, and PRACTICES. The process to have an event sanctioned by the region begins with a tournament director, club, or individual filling out the applicable request form and sending in to the Region. One of the requirements for an event to be sanctioned and for the group insurance to be in force is for ALL participants to be current members of the RVA/USAV. If it is a junior event that is being sanctioned, then all adults affiliating with a junior club must clear their background screen BEFORE participating. So for clubs wanting their tryouts and/or practices to be sanctioned by the Region (and thus covered under our insurance program), then all participants must be current members and adults must have cleared their background screen before the event for it to be officially sanctioned (adults need to apply at least SIX business days before the event to have time to clear the background screen!). We allow individuals to register/renew for the new season on September 1, which gives plenty of time for players and coaches to meet these requirements if a club wants their tryouts and practices sanctioned.

We need a Certificate of Insurance in order to rent a facility for our practice or tournament?

If you received a Certificate of Insurance for your club or facility last season, the insurance company automatically renews them each season. You will be emailed the certificate when they are ready (mid- to late-September usually). If you are requesting a certificate for a new club or facility, go to forms section for the current season's request form. Keep in mind, the certificate of insurance only shows coverage for Sanctioned Events. You would need to make sure you apply for the Sanctioning and all participants are current members of the Region and/or USAV before your event (see previous question above for information on Sanctioned Events).

We won our recent tournament and got medals. How come we never get t-shirts?

The Carolina Region would love for Tournament Directors to be able to offer a wider variety of awards. However, Tournament Directors are limited to giving things that do not have intrinsic value (medals, plaques) by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association. That organization has stated that for High School athletes to remain eligible to compete in their competitions (i.e. in High School athletics) they must be amateurs. If athletes receive anything of intrinsic value (t-shirts, bags, hats, etc) then it could jeopardize their High School eligibility. Thus, for the protection of our junior members, we inform our Tournament Directors that they can only award items that do not have intrinsic value. For additional information on this policy, contact the NC High School Athletic Association as this is their policy (not the Carolina Region's).

The Junior Medical Release Form has a place on the front to be Notarized. Do we have to have these forms Notarized?

Not Necessarily - This section is mainly for the teams that will be traveling outside North Carolina to play in tournaments or the Junior National Championships. Several states (Florida is one, but not NC) now require that Medical Release Forms be notarized. Thus, many tournaments are requesting that notarized medical release forms be shown at the tournament check-in. So, if you're planning on traveling outside of North Carolina to tournaments, it would be a good idea to go ahead and get the release forms notarized. Remember, these forms do not need to be sent into the Region, but should be carried with the teams to all competitions and practices in the event an emergency should arise.

Online Officials Clinic Questions:
I am still having some issues with the clinic site, is there anything else I can try?

There is a Help Desk item at top menu of the USAV Academy.  You can submit a Help Ticket through that link.  Please give your name and describe the issue you are having with the course.  We can rest the module so you can try it again.  Other things to try:

  • Clear your browser cache and access the USAV academy again
  • Try a different browser.  The system is not optimized for Apple so it is ideal to take on a PC

 Also, if you get to the end or see a results screen, take a screen capture or picture with your phone.  If the system does not give you credit for that module, you can email the screen capture to the Region office and we can give you credit for that module.

I registered for an in-person clinic but cannot attend. I want to register for the online clinic now, but the system will not let me as I have a "pending" certification already. What do I do?

Send an email to the Region office with your name and birthdate.  Ask to have your prior clinic registration deleted.  We will delete that clinic registration and you will be able to register for another clinic from within your USAV record.

How do I access the Online clinic after I have registered for it from within my USAV member record?

First, be sure you have registered for the Online clinic from within your USAV member record first (to register - go to the USA Volleyball Events menu - expand it and choose the Region Ref/Score Clinics link.  The Online clinics are listed in the September groupings of clinics).  After you have registered for the clinic, you can access the clinic in the USAV Academy site.  The link to the USAV Academy site is at the bottom of the left hand menu.  It is a RED button labeled USAV Academy.  Click the button and a new window will open up and you will be automatically logged in to your USAV Academy page.  The clinics you have registered for will show there.  You will always access your USAV Account through that RED button.

I completed the Referee clinic but my member record only shows a Referee Certification. There is no certification as a Scorer. Do I need my record updated to reflect that?

No.  The online Referee clinics have both Referee and Scorer modules in it.  A referee has to complete all modules of the Referee and Scorer clinics in order to get certified.  So, a Referee is automatically certified as a Scorer by default when they complete the course.  The online clinic will only allow us to associate one certification to the course so we are updating the Referee certification only.  It still means a certified Referee can work as a referee or scorer during the events. 

If you take the Scorer ONLY clinics, then the Scorer certification will update in your member record.  If that is the only certification you have in your record, then you can only participate as a Scorer at tournaments.

Once I complete a module or course, I receive an email with a certificate of completion. Do I need to send that to anyone?

No.   The course keeps track of your progress automatically.  When your status is showing as 100% complete for the entire curriculum, the system should update your member record automatically to show you with either a Referee or Scorer certification (depends on which course you are taking).

Registration Questions:
I am an individual (adult or junior) and I want to join a team. What do I need to do?

Adults and Junior Girls can go to our Tournament/Points System to view the team directory from 2016/2017 season to contact teams to see when their tryouts are or if they need additional players (NOTE:  from the main page, you will also see a View Historical Data section where you can see past season's info and directories.  You may need to go there in the late Summer months as we start transitioning the database to the new season info). Junior Boys can go to the Junior Boys section (linked from Juniors Tab) to view a listing of existing Boys teams/clubs broken down by city - Junior Boys Clubs/Teams. We also have a listing of al Club websites we are aware of broken down by city/county here.  Contact any club/team you are interested in to see if they need additional players, or for juniors, when their tryouts will be. You can also list yourself on our Player's Board. We will also post a Junior Tryout Listing under the "Juniors" Heading in the Blue menu at the beginning of each season as clubs notify us of their tryout dates.

When does the Early Bird price discounts end this season?

INDIVIDUAL FEES: For Adult and Junior individual registrations, an application must be submitted through the online registration system (electronic signatures now accepted) and the membership dues must be sent by mail or paypal so that they are received by the Region Office by November 1, 2016 to qualify for the ONLINE Early Bird discounts ($35 fee for adults and $45 for Juniors). On November 2, all ONLINE dues will be $45 for adults and $55 for juniors. The PAPER (offline application with 2017 membership form) individual dues will be $65 for adults and Juniors (ages 18 and under playing in our Junior divisions) if we receive by November 1; Paper dues will be $75 for Adults and Juniors after November 1. Please note that we must receive (not post-marked or applied online) the fees and application by the dates above to qualify for the reduced fees.

TEAM FEES - Junior Teams must be established by December 1 to receive the Early Bird fee of $65. Beginning December 2, the junior team fee will be $75.  There is no team fee for Adult teams this season.

How many tournaments does a player have to play in to be eligible to play in a Regional Championship Event?

This answer applies to the Junior Program.  A player must have played in TWO regular season Carolina Region events in order to be eligible to participate in a Regional Championship Event (which includes the East/West Championships and the Regional Championships).  All participants in a Regional Championship Event must be full members of the Carolina Region (so a one-event member that played twice during the regular season would have to upgrade to a full membership in order to participate).

This answer applies to the Adult Program.  A player must have played in ONE regular season Carolina Region tournament in order to be eligible to participate in the Regional Championships.  All participants in Regionals must be FULL (Regular or Collegiate) members of the Carolina Region (so a one-event member that played during the regular season would have to UPGRADE to a full membership in order to participate).

When are the Registration Packets being published for the 2016/2017 season?

Due to the popularity of our website, we changed the distribution method for registration packets. The registration packet and all applicable forms are now available for download on our website (Both Adult and Junior Team Reps go to the CLUBS section of website.  From there, choose Adult Clubs or Junior Clubs). The 2016/2017 packets will be posted on September 1, 2016. An email notice to all of last year's team reps will be sent shortly after posting informing them the registration packets are available. We will still mail a packet as needed to those that make a request to the Region Office. Beginning September 1, all individuals are encouraged to renew/register online early even before actual teams are formed. Go to the online registration page (linked at the top in the Red menu from every page of our website) to renew/join for the coming season any time after September 1! If you do not know which team/club you will be playing with or the club is not listed, then just choose "UNDECIDED" as your club and we will add you to the club when you are added to a team. The team rep will only need to send in a team registration form listing the members of their team and the appropriate team fee. Please see the online registration page for additional information.

I chose "Undecided" as my club when I registered and now I have chosen a club and my club can not see my record. How do I change my club information in my record?

This only works if your club is showing as "Undecided or No club".  Log in to your member record.  Go to the "Member Area" section of the lefthand menu and click the + to expand the available listings.  Choose the "Member Profile" link in the left-hand menu.  There will be some BLUE tabs in the main part of the screen.  Choose the "Member Profile" Blue tab.  On this screen, you can update your address, email, phone and other personal info at any time.  The club field on the right side of screen will be a scrollable field (down arrow to right) IF the club is currently listed as "Undecided".  Just click on Undecided and you will be able to scroll through the clubs and select your club.  Hit the Edit Contact Info Red button at the bottom when you are done.

NOTE:  If you selected another club when registering but are not playing with that club, you will not be able to change it.  We will change it automatically for you when your team sends in the Team Registration Form.  You can also send an email to with member name and birthdate and ask to have the club updated.

We recommend all players select "Undecided" during the tryout period and then log back in to change your club after you are confirmed in a club (or wait for us to update it when we process the team registration forms).

How do I print my membership card to prove my current registration?

Every Carolina Region member since 2004 has a membership "record" in our online database. Each season, you may log in to your member record to renew your membership, update your address, phone number, email, and other player data tracked in the database. One of the items you will see in the left-hand menu in the Member Area list (click + to expand the list) is "Print Membership Card". Once your membership is current, you can log in and print your card as often as you need to. Items such as Referee/Scorekeeper certifications, background screen information, and Coaching certifications also print on the member card so you may want to print updated cards after you complete your clinic requirements and the results have been entered in your record. Go here to log in to your member account. If you have forgotten your username or password, you may request the system to send this information to you.

How do I register for clinics this season (Coaches, Officials, HP)?

The Carolina Region has a new process for registering for clinics!  All clinic registrations will occur from within your Membership Record!

To register for a clinic:

  • Log in to your membership record
  • In left hand menu, go to the "USA Volleyball Events Heading
  • Click the + next to "Region Clinics"
  • Click the link that you are interested in for more information (Region Ref/Score Clinics or Region Coaching Clinics, etc)
  • Click the "Register now" button next to the item you wish to register for - you can also click the item for more information before Registering for that event)
  • If there is a fee associated with the clinic, you will need to pay for it now (there is no option to pay offline at this time)

That's it - you're registered! 

What is our USAV Number?

Your Carolina Region/USA Volleyball membership number will look something like this - CR 0001111 MR 15 (spaces inserted for clarification). The "CR" stands for Carolina Region. Each Region of USA Volleyball has their own unique 2 character identifier. The "0001111" is each member's unique identifier number. The system assigns this unique number to a member when they register. This number will stay the same for the member from season to season. No two members will have the same individual number. The next two characters are the individual's gender and membership type. FR is Female Regular, MJ would be Male Junior, FEA would be a female one-event member, etc. The last two numbers are the membership year. Please note, the system does not assign a Team Number any longer (no longer needed). The team number is not needed for sanctioned events any longer (i.e. Hi Neighbor).

What are the most common errors associated with Registration?

 (a) Applying online for membership and not following up with required payment (for those that choose to not submit credit card payment during the process. Those people can pay online through our Payments Pages (or mail in a check). Applying online does not mean you are registered. It is just the first step in the process. To complete the process, submit your dues to the Region Office. Adults affiliating with a Junior team also need to be background screened. If your screen is due this season, you will be prompted by the online registration system to complete the consent form electronically. You would only need to submit your membership fees and $17.50 background screen fee to complete the process. AGAIN for 2014/2015: All Junior Club Personnel must submit the 2015 Junior Club Personnel Code of Ethics (either by mail, fax, or online). Juniors - the Medical Release form is not sent to Region but given to your club. All applicable forms and payments are due in our officie at least one week before your event (or as late as Thursday before with added $5 late fee!). Once we receive and process, THEN you are a current member (you'll be able to print a current USAV card in the system).

(b) Incorrect registration form used (if using paper option). The current year's form will have 2015 at the top. Registrations submitted on previous year's form will be returned and delayed until the current year's form is submitted. The language on the front and back changes from year to year and our insurance company requires the current year's form to be used with original signatures. Again for 2015, all individuals are requested to register/renew ONLINE (must wait until after September 1 for the 2015 season). If you register online, you WILL NOT need to send a waiver to the office (we only need payment sent in to complete the process). Full members will also save money by applying online!

(c) Paper forms submitted without being signed on the front and back or in all spots. Juniors need to have form signed also by a parent or guardian in the proper spot on the all pages of the form (this only applies to those using the paper registration form).

(d) Birthdate is incorrect or blank. Birth year will be listed as current year (2014 or 2015) instead of year of birth. Birthdate is a required field, especially for juniors, as junior teams are grouped strictly by birthdate (see below). This is not applicable if applying online as birthdate is a required field in the online application.

(e) Junior Club Personnel do not submit their signed 2015 Junior Club Personnel Code of Ethics Form and do not submit a Background Screen Release and Waiver form (for new Adults affiliating with a Junior club in 2014/2015 or those whose screen will be expiring at the end of the 2013/2014 season). Junior Club Personnel can submit all the required forms electronically during the registration application process if they apply online.

(f) Officials do not submit their signed Independent Contractor Agreement or do not submit their Background Screen Release and Waiver form.

(g) Amount paid is incorrect or more than one check submitted. Submitting only one check greatly reduces paperwork in office.

(h) Faxed Copies/Copies/Submitted in pencil - USA Volleyball and our insurance company requires us to have original signatures on file for our members. We will accept faxes to the Region Office, but memberships cannot be processed until payment is received in the office also. Any faxed or copies of membership forms that are submitted to the Region will require the original membership form to be submitted to the Region within one week. Please submit the original membership forms with original signatures in PEN to avoid registration delays.

When do we have to register as an individual/team to play in Carolina Region Tournaments?

Teams and individuals may register at any time during the season. The Early Bird registration deadlines for individuals and teams described above just give individuals and teams the opportunity for lower registration fees and helps the Region get through the registration crunch before the season begins. This does not mean that teams and/or individuals cannot sign up after these dates. Teams and/or individuals must be Registered at least one week before they play in a given tournament (or by the Thursday before a tournament with late fees). Rosters will FREEZE for Regional Championships TWO weeks before the tournament date, so no roster additions or club movements will be allowed after rosters FREEZE.

What are the advantages of registering teams as a club?

ADULTS/BOYS Teams-Adult and Boys teams do not need to register as a club! All teams will be considered a club for purposes of the Club Player Movement Policy (below). NOTE: In the USAV/Carolina Region online Registration system, all teams are also formed into a "club" as a way to group and classify teams in the system. If you just have one team, you will just be a one team club in the USAV/Carolina Region Registration system.

JUNIOR GIRLS - There will be no Club fee required to have Player Movement Privileges! All multi-team Girl's Clubs will be eligible automatically to utilize player movement within the parameters of the Club Player Movement Policy (below). NOTE: In the USAV/Carolina Region online Registration system, all teams are also formed into a "club" as a way to group and classify teams in the system. If you just have one team, you will just be a one team club in the USAV/Carolina Region Registration system.

I am not sure I want to play a whole season with this team. Can I play in just one tournament? Or, can I register Unaffiliated?

 Yes! We have a one-event membership category. For one-day tournaments the fee is $5. For multi-day tournaments (Hi Neighbor, Jr Hi Neighbor, Quest) the one-event fee is $10 (due to higher insurance costs with multi-day events). The registration requirements for one-event are same as for regular memberships. Register online (or fill out current Carolina Region membership form), check the one-event box, list the tournament date(s) playing, and send in with proper fee so we RECEIVE at least one-week before the event. You can also register one-event as late as Thursday before the event with a $5 late fee. Individuals may only participate as a one-event member TWICE during the indoor season. If that individual wants to continue to participate in sanctioned events, they may apply for a one-event UPGRADE membership through the online system at the applicable membership fee at the time of the upgrade.

The Region will maintain a list of Unaffiliated members on our website (full members only). Adult players can register with the Region (at regular fees) as unaffiliated. Adult teams in need of a player for a specific tournament can consult the list and contact players to pick up for that specific tournament. Unaffiliated players may play in THREE tournaments (with three different teams if it works out that way) while they are on the unaffiliated player list. After the THIRD tournament played, the player may choose which team they wish to register for the remainder of the season. Players must be listed on the roster of the team at the tournament as UNAFFILIATED PLAYER LIST. If interested in being on this list, register with the region (membership form and fee) and write "unaffiliated list" in the team name box. Contact the Region Office if you have more questions.

Does our team have to be currently registered with the Carolina Region/USA Volleyball in order to "enter" a tournament?

NO - Teams do not have to be registered in order to "enter" a tournament (see adult or junior schedules for posted deadlines). Teams and individuals just have to be registered members for a specific tournament based on the guidelines above in (8). Teams and individuals should also keep in mind that they must play in a minimum number of regular season tournaments to be eligible for Regionals (2014 Requirements - THREE tournaments for all Adult and Junior Divisions). Individual players must play in two (2) tournaments to be eligible for Regionals. Team rosters for all divisions are frozen 14 days before any Regional Championship play.

Can a female/girl play on a men's/boy's team (or vice-versa)?

According to Article X, Section B.3. of the USA Volleyball Operating Code, Men's Divisions are comprised of teams consisting of males only and Women's Divisions are comprised of teams consisting of females only. The Carolina Region supports this definition. People of the opposite gender may appear on a team's roster as a coach or to satisfy the official's requirement, but they could not play in sanctioned competition. The Carolina Region will sanction co-ed tournaments for those tournament hosts willing to hold a co-ed tournament. For Junior's competitions, the Region will allow boys and girls to play together on the same team in the 13 and under division (or lower) only to promote development.  Those younger girls teams that have a boy on the roster should get permission from the tournament director before playing a coed roster at out-of-Region events (and CR two-day special events).

I was in another Region last season and need to renew. My record will not let me change regions and I keep getting my old region's info when I click to renew. How do I update my region in my record?

This is not something a member can change in their record.  First off, do not apply for renewal until your assigned region is updated or your application will go in to the old region.  Just send an email to with the member's name and birthdate and old region.  Ask that the Assigned Region be changed to the Carolina Region.  We will make the change for you and you will be able to log back in and renew into the Carolina Region.

We are a new Team/Club and our Club name is not listed in the Carolina Region/USAV Online Registration system? Can we still register and how do we get our name listed?

Yes, individuals can register anytime. Just choose "Undecided" as the club and we will automatically move players into the correct club and assign them to a team when we receive a completed Team Registration Form and team fee payment. Individuals that are current and have a club name of "Undecided" may also log in to their member account and click on the clubname to scroll through the list and choose any club that is listed. Once a club is selected, an individual may not change that club for the rest of the season. New clubs can submit the Club Information Sheet to the Region at any time for us to add the club to the system (existing clubs should submit annually as well so we can keep the Club Administrator information updated).

I applied for a one-event membership and submitted payment, but my membership status says "pending". Why?

A one-event (or multi-day, one event) is only valid for a specific day(s). Once we receive the payment for the membership and process it in the online system, your status will move to "pending" (from "unpaid"). On the day you chose for the membership to be valid, your status will move to "current". After that day(s), the status goes back to "lapsed". So, the "pending" status just tells you that we have processed your payment and that you will be a current member on the day(s) you chose to participate as a one-event.

What is the Team Code (adults and juniors)?

All teams across the country are being assigned a unique identifier by their Region to help track a team's tournament results at major inter-Regional tournaments (this is mainly used with Juniors but Adult teams have been assigned codes as well). If you travel to an inter-Regional tournament (Qualifiers, Junior Nationals, etc.), you will be asked for your Team Code. An example Team Code looks like this: FJ8WSVBC1CR. The "F" indicates a Female team; the "J8" indicates an 18 and under team; "WSVBC" is the Club the team is affiliated with (this is assigned by Region - individual teams will have a 5 character code based on their team name); the "1" indicates the ranking of that team in their own club in that age group; and the "CR" stands for the Carolina Region. Again, only teams that will be traveling to large inter-Regional tournaments will even need this number. When Club Administrations print their rosters and Tournament Entry forms on the online system, the forms will show this number automatically. Please make note of it for future reference. The Team Codes will also be in the Team Directory section of the Points System this season for easier reference.

Our team is already registered for the season with the Carolina Region. Can we add players during the season?

YES - You may add players at any time during the season simply by having them fill out a membership form (or registering online) and sending it in to the Region Office with proper payment. Be sure the team name section is filled out (if registering online, send email to office or write teamname on the signed waiver when you mail in, so we can add you to the correct roster). Remember, players must be registered with their team one week before they play in a tournament or by the Thursday before a tournament with a $5 late registration fee. Also, players must play in two (2) Carolina Region tournaments to be eligible to play in the Regional Championships. Rosters will FREEZE for Regional Championships TWO weeks before the tournament date, so no roster additions or club movements will be allowed after rosters FREEZE.

Tournament Questions:
How are the tournaments assigned? Why are the sites not posted yet?

Tournament Directors can begin to submit requests to host tournaments any time after September 1 for the new season (Tournament Sanction Request Forms can be downloaded from here).  Requests are not necessarily accepted in the order received, but the earlier requests are received the better chance we can assign a tournament to the host (especially if they are flexible on which divisions they can host).

We changed how sites are assigned before the 2014 Season.  We received overwhelming response on the changes and have continued the assigning process outlined below for the current season.

Past feedback has overwhelmingly supported having 4-team pool tournaments as much as possible.  This will give a consistent round-robin tournament play format and shorten the tournament day from other formats that accommodated more teams.  This season, we will continue the process which will allow us to have 4-team pools at most sites, but it will mean that we will not be able to notify teams what site they are playing until after the TWO week entry deadline. We have moved all tournament entry deadlines to TWO weeks.  At the entry deadline, we will cut off late entries (unless we have withdrawals and there is room to make additional tournaments 4-team pool formats).  We will then assign teams that submitted an entry for that weekend to sites in 4-team pool increments using the rankings from the Tournament/Points System.  For example, if the first site has THREE courts, we will assign the top 12 teams that entered that weekend to that tournament.  If the next site has TWO courts, we will assign the next 8 teams by the rankings to that site.  And so on, until all teams that entered that weekend are assigned to sites.  The last site(s) assigned may not have all 4-team pools (it will depend on the total number of teams that enter any given weekend) but the majority of sites will.  Sites that do not have all 4-team pools will use either 3-team pool formats or a modified 5-team round-robin pool format (5-team pool will only be used if only 5 teams remaining to assign to a stand-alone tournament).

It will be critical that teams that want to play a given weekend, enter by the two-week deadline.  Once teams are assigned to sites it will be much more difficult to incorporate late entries (as we will have 4-team pools at all sites).  We thank everyone for their patience while the sites are assigned.  We will also work to continue to move teams around so they are not going to same sites, but since the assignments are now going to be based strictly on the Rankings and some sites request to host their club team(s), it will be impossible to guarantee individual teams won't be assigned to the same sites from time to time.

For more information on the assigning process, view this document.

We registered our team as "Group 2 (or any other lower Group) on our Team Registration form but we just got assigned to Division 1 (or other division higher than what we "registered" as for our next tournament. Why?

One important distinction to keep in mind, first. The use of the word "Group" on the Team Registration form is different than the use in the Points System! On the Team Registration Form, we ask Club Directors/Team Reps to tell us what "Group" they want to start with among FIVE groupings. Those five "Groups" represent (1) Top 20% of all teams in that age group/realm (east/west); (2) 21-40% of teams; (3) 41-60% of teams; (4) 61-80% of teams; (50 81-100% of teams. That grouping sets the team's INITIAL points value in the Points System ONLY. After a team plays their first tournament and their points begin to go up/down, the "Group" on their team registration form is irrelevant as they are ranked based on their currents points value.

The word "Division" in the Points System is used to differentiate between SITES only. We will have as many "Divisions"/Sites as we can accommodate to allow as many teams to play. So, our bigger age groups will see 7-9 "Divisions"/Sites on a tournament weekend (but remember, we only had "five" on team registration form - so those two uses have nothing to do with each other).

Teams get assigned to "divisions"/Sites based on (a) their points rankings AND (b) how many teams ranked above them have entered that particular tournament! So, a team that "registered" as Division 2 (21-40% of teams) could play at "division"/Site 1 if there were not a lot of teams ranked ABOVE them entered in this tournament. Teams are still assigned into tournaments on their rankings so they are playing teams ranked around them.

Please see the Junior Tournament Structure and Information Letter and the Site Assignment Example for more information.

What are the Officiating requirements for the 2016-2017 season?

All Junior teams must have TWO certified REFEREES and ONE certified SCORER on their roster. To get certified, officials must (a) attend an officiating clinic; (b) take the appropriate test (scorers take the scorer clinic and tests and referees must take BOTH the scorer and referee clinics and tests); (c) correct their test(s) to 100 with rule references; and (d) referees must have a practical rating to complete their certification (and to receive a Provisional or Regional rating - see Officiating section of website for more on requirements for these ratings). Only those individuals that are certified and listed on the roster as a SCORER or REFEREE (which implies certification as a scorer) may perform those duties during a tournament. For Junior teams, one adult per team must attend a junior clinic and be on the roster as certified so they know the materials the officials are taught and can help their junior officials during the tournaments. All first-time coaches that will be their required certified adult are requested to attend a live officials clinic to get certified unless they can prove prior officials certification in another region. The certified adult must physically supervise their team while in the vicinity of the score table at all times during the team’s officiating assignment (supervising includes, but is not limited to, insuring food is not at the table and work team is not distacted by cell phones and electronic devices). Incomplete work teams (including the certified adult that is not supervising their team in the vicinity of the score table) may be penalized one point per-minute that they are incomplete to a maximum of 25 points off their next match. Junior teams will not be allowed to participate in a Carolina Region tournament until they meet the minimum requirements. It is recommended that all Adult teams have 2 certified Referees and 1 certified Scorer on their roster for all tournaments.

What is the Libero and do we have to use it?

The Libero is basically a way to get a defensive specialist into the game without having to use Team substitutions. Teams may designate the following: TWO Liberos for the MATCH or the team may designate ONE Libero for the SET (teams can also choose not to designate any Liberos for the match).  The Libero(s) must wear a different colored uniform than the rest of the team and may play along the backrow only.  There are specific things the Libero can and cannot do (cannot attack the ball while above the height of the net, and others - please see Rule 19 on pages 46-50 of the 2015/2017 USAV Domestic Competition Regulations for full explanation). Libero replacements are not counted as a Team Substitution. Each team may use up to 12 substitutions whether they use a Libero or not.

When are the National Bid tournaments and How many tournaments do Junior teams have to play to be eligible for the National Bid tournament?

The National Bid tournament for the 14's, 15's, & 17's age groups will be held on Sunday, February 26, 2017.  The National Bid tournaments for the 18's age group will be held on Sunday, March 5, 2017. The National Bid for the 12's, 13’s, & 16’s age groups will be held on Sunday, March 19, 2017.

To be eligible to compete in their age division’s National Bid tournament, a junior team must meet the following: (a) Participating teams must be a registered Carolina Region team; and (b) teams must have played in ONE (1) Carolina Region sanctioned event

Teams competing for a bid must follow the USAV JNC entry procedures and submit all JNC entry forms and JNC entry fee to the Carolina Region by the applicable deadline (still TBD - check back for updates).  In addition, all teams must also submit their  tournament entry of $175 to the Carolina Region by the  applicable tournament entry deadline.

What is the structure/format of the Overall Regional Championships on March 25-26 & April 8-9, 2017?

We have a new process in 2017 of identifying the top teams that qualify for the Overall Regional Championships.  Regional Championship tournaments will be played on the SAME weekends as the East/West Championships.  We will still identify FOUR teams from the East and FOUR teams from the WEST to play for the Regional Championships in each age group.  Of the teams that qualify AND submit an entry for a Regional Championship event, we will use the updated Points Standings after the final regular season tournament in the applicable age group to identify the top FOUR teams in the East and top FOUR teams in the West.  those eight teams will be assigned to a central location and will play for the Regional Championships in that age group.  All other teams that enter that particular Regional Championship Event weekend will be assigned to their applicable East/West Championships.

The Format of the Regional Championships will be normal 4-team round robin play.  Top 2 finishers in each pool advance to semi-finals.

What is the Libero Uniform requirement for the 2016/2017 USAV season?

The Solid color uniform requirements are not in effect for 2016/2017.  The rule below REPLACES the rule as found in the 2015-2017 USAV DCR (page 46-47):

USAV 19.2:
The Libero(s) must wear a uniform which clearly contrasts with the rest of the team.

 This rule supersedes the language and interpretations around solid color jerseys.

What are the Uniform requirements for the 2016-2017 season?

The following is taken from the 2015-2017 USA Volleyball Domestic Competition Regulations (DCR) (p. 13-14) [In the 2015/2017 DCR if something is boxed and shaded (or italicized below) and the rule begins with "USAV" then that is the rule modification we will use in the Carolina Region of USA Volleyball - the main rule is the official FIVB (International) rule. If there is no USAV modification, then we will use the FIVB rule.]:

A player's equipment consists of a jersey, shorts, socks (the uniform) and sport shoes.
USAV 4.3: If undergarments, including but not limited to t-shirts, boxer shorts, tights, leotards, body suits, bicycle shorts, sports bras, etc., are worn in such a manner that they are exposed, they will be considered a part of the uniform. In that case, they must be similar and the same color for any team members (except the Libero) who wear such a uniform. Socks and sport shoes are not part of the uniform.

4.3.1 The color and the design for the jerseys, shorts and socks must be uniform for the team (except for the Libero). The uniforms must be clean.
USAV 4.3: The color and design for the jerseys and shorts must be uniform for the team (except for the Libero).

4.3.2 The shoes must be light and pliable with rubber or composite soles without heels.

4.3.3 Players jerseys must be numbered from 1 to 20.
USAV 4.3.3: The players' jerseys must be numbered in a permanent manner from 1 to 99 using Arabic numerals. Duplicate numbers are not allowed. The number must be placed on the jersey at the center of the front and of the back. The color and brightness of the numbers must contrast with the color and brightness of the jerseys.
USAV Uniform numbers must be clearly visible and centered (both horizontally and vertically) on the player's chest and upper back.
USAV Each jersey must use the same color and number height for all players, except the Libero's jersey, which may have different color and size numbers, provided it still meets the minimum criteria stated in USAV 4,3.3.2..
USAV Color combinations such as purple/black, dark green/black, navy/black, white/light yellow, or navy/maroon are not distinctive enough to comply with the rules. The number must be a minimum of 15 cm (6") in height on the chest and a minimum of 20 cm (8") in height on the back. The stripe forming the numbers shall be a minimum of 2 cm, (3/4") in width.
USAV The numbers must be a minimum of 10 cm (4") in height on the chest and a minimum of 15 cm (6") in height on the back. It is recommended that the numbers be a minimum of 15 cm (6") in height on the chest and a minimum of 20 cm (8") on the back..

4.3.4 The team captain must have on his/her jersey a stripe of 8x2 cm (3.15" x 4/5") underlining the number on the chest.
USAV 4.3.4: It is recommended that the captain have a stripe on his/her jersey underlining the number on the chest.
4.3.5 It is forbidden to wear uniforms of a color different from that of the other players (except for the Liberos), and/or without official numbers.
USAV 4.3.5: For nationally sanctioned competition (US Open and US Junior Championships & Qualifiers, etc), uniforms must be identical with the exception of sleeve length and the Libero players. An exception will also be made for a single manufacturer's logo or trademark on the outside of the jerseys or shorts, provided the logo or trademark does not exceed 14.6 square cm (2 1/4 square inches).

4.4 Change of Equipment:
The first referee may authorize one or more players:
4.4.1 to play barefoot,
4.4.2 to change wet or damaged uniforms between sets or after substitution, provided that the color, design, and number of the new uniform(s) are the same,
4.4.3 to play in training suits in cold weather, provided that they are of the same color and design for the whole team (except for the Libero) and numbered according to Rule 4.3.3.

4.5 Forbidden Objects:
4.5.1 It is forbidden to wear objects which may cause injury, or give an artificial advantage to the player.
USAV 4.5.1: It is forbidden to wear hats or casts (even if padded). Braces, Jewelry, prosthetic limbs or other headgear that may cause an injury or give an artificial advantage to the player must not be worn.  If a brace, prosthetic limb or headgear is used, padding or covering may be necessary.  A junor volleyball athlete participating in a a junior event may not wear jewelry.  An exception will be made for religious or medical medallions that are removed from chains and taped or sewn under the uniform.
4.5.2 Players may wear glasses or lenses at their own risk.
USAV 4.5.2: If a player's equipment falls to the floor and creates a safety hazaed, play is stopped and a delay sanction assessed.

19.2 The Libero player(s) must wear a uniform (or jacket/bib for redesignated Libero) which has a different dominant color from any color of the rest of the team. The uniform must clearly contrast with the rest of the team.  The Libero uniforms must be numbered like the rest of the team.
USAV 19.2   The Libero(s) must wear a uniform which clearly contrasts with the rest of the team.

This rule supersedes the language and interpretations around solid color jerseys (ignore the rule as written in the rule book).

NOTE - Carolina Region teams may petition the Region for uniform waivers in some instances. Contact the Region Office with questions

What is the Player Movement Policy for Registered Adult and Junior Clubs?

The Player Movement Policy for Adult tournaments - For Regular Season Tournaments, the Region has eliminated the Club Player Movement Policy for adults to promote ease of play. Adult teams will be able to pick up any current member up to the max roster size as needed in order to play in a regular season Carolina Region tournament. All such player movements must still be recorded by a team rep in writing on the Club Player Movement Form and submitted to all affected tournament hosts before the start of competition (with roster at Captain’s Meeting). Player Movement Forms do not need to be sent to the Region before a tournament if the move is only Temporary. Permanent Team Movements should be sent to the Region Office directly and REQUIRE the written approval of both affected team reps before it can be approved by the Region. Regional Championships Player Movements: Rosters still FREEZE (no changes allowed) two weeks before the Regional Championships.

All multi-team Junior clubs will be able to have Player movement in 2017 (no fee required). Player movement (either Temporary or Permanent) in a club is restricted based on the policies outlined below. All player movement must be recorded by a club officer and submitted to all affected tournament hosts before the start of competition (with roster at Captains’/Coaches’ Meeting). Temporary Club Movements do not have to be sent to the Region Office before the competition (only permanent moves) – the Region will receive the form after the tournament with the rosters. The Carolina Region will use the current Rankings of all teams as found at the Carolina Region Points System when processing all club movements per the policies below. Again for 2017: All Boys’ teams will be considered part of the same club. Boys’ teams are still restricted to the procedures below when utilizing Player Movement.  The Player Movement Form should not be sent in to the Region Office before the tournament as it needs to be submitted with the roster after the Coaches' Meeting (it will go to the Region Office after the tournament with the rosters). Rosters will FREEZE for the Regional Championship Events TWO weeks before the tournament date, so no roster additions or club movements will be allowed after rosters FREEZE.  See BELOW for INDIVIDUAL AND TEAM RESTRICTIONS.


  • Players being moved to a team in a lower age group must meet the birthdate requirements for the age group they are being moved to.
  • An individual player may only be used TWICE for temporary moves during the indoor season. After a player has participated with another club team TWO times, the player shall be frozen to the roster of their original team unless a permanent roster move is reported to the Region Office.
  • Players registered on a club team and participating in sanctioned competition within the jurisdiction of the Carolina Region may participate with another team from the same club having a higher ranking a maximum of two (2) times (within their individual limit) before rosters are frozen two weeks prior to their age group’s first Regional Championship Event.
  • Players may participate with a team having a lower ranking than the one with who the player is registered a maximum of one (1) time (within their individual limit) before rosters are frozen two weeks prior to their age group’s first Regional Championship Event.
  • Players may participate with two teams on a given weekend provided: (a) the age groups are playing on different days (i.e. 12’s team plays on Saturday and 13’s team plays on Sunday); (b) all other Player Movement Requirements described here are followed (limit of 2 moves per season, Movement Form filled out, etc.); (c) for clubs with combined adult and junior teams, a junior player MUST play with his/her junior team if that team is playing on the same day as an adult tournament. If the adult division is playing on a different day, then the junior player may move under the provisions of the Club Movement Policy.
  • Any registered Club player may continue participation with another team in the same club upon notifying the Office of a permanent roster change before rosters are frozen two weeks prior to their age group’s first Regional Championship Event. Once a permanent move is made, no other moves (temporary or permanent) are allowed for that player.
  • Players registered as unaffiliated (member of the club but not on a team) must still appear on a Club Movement Form if desiring to play on a team within their club and are still limited by the restrictions above.
  • Registered unaffiliated members in the Region (not on any team) must first join a club before they can play in a tournament.


  • Teams may add a maximum of two (2) Club players not on their roster in any given tournament.
  • Teams may add a maximum of one (1) player not on their roster from a higher ranking team in their club in any given tournament.
  • Teams may add a maximum of two (2) players not on their roster from a higher ranking team in their club per season.
  • Teams are limited to accepting up to two (2) permanent moves per season. If a permanent move is made with the intent to play in a Regional Championship Event, then ideally the player being moved should have played at least once with that team during the regular season under a normal player movement. The Region will hear petitions for extenuating circumstances.

Clubs failing to comply with the reporting requirements will have the player movement privilege suspended. Report forms were included with the Registration packet and are available from the Region office and at the Forms page.

What happens to the team entry requirements for a Regional Championship Event if one of the regular season tournaments is affected by Inclement weather?

If a sanctioned Carolina Region regular season, one-day tournament is cancelled then the teams entered in that tournament will have their requirement to be eligible to participate in a Regional Championship Event reduced by one. If a team withdraws from a tournament due to inclement weather but the tournament is still held, then that team may appeal to the Region to have their minimum requirement lowered by one.

How many tournaments do teams have to play to be eligible for a Regional Championship Event?

ADULTS - All teams must play in ONE Carolina Region sanctioned event to be eligible for the Regional Championship tournaments (if it is on our official schedule then it is sanctioned and counts).

JUNIORS - We have two types of Regional Championship Events for Juniors - (a) East West Championships, and (b) Regional Championships.  All teams must play in THREE Carolina Region Regular season sanctioned events to be eligible for a Regional Championship Event.  At least one of those events must have been a Carolina Region one-day tournament. The other two events may consist of any two of the following if held BEFORE the Regional Championship Event:
• One or Two Carolina Region one-day tournaments
• Any two-day Carolina Region sanctioned event whose only criteria is date of entry (examples: Quest pre-season tournament, City of Oaks, Queen City Classic)
• Only ONE of the following tournaments: a National Qualifier or any other Carolina Region sanctioned event with a restricted access entry criteria (example: MAPL Raleigh).

What is the SERVING rule for the 12 and under tournaments?

The 12's will use the "lighter" volleyballs during their tournaments (any USAV approved volleyball that is sanctioned for 12 and under age groups can be used). The following serving rules will be in effect in the 12 and under age group (all divisions except where noted differently below): (a) For the first regular season tournament of the sanctioned season, all 12’s divisions will establish service lines 6 feet (2 meters) and 3 feet 1 meter) inside of the normal service line. Players will be allowed the OPTION to serve from the 6 foot line on their first serve during each term of service. If the team wins the point, they must move back to the 3-foot line. If they win that point, they must serve from normal service line for the remainder of that term of service. (b) Beginning with the second tournaments of the sanctioned season and continuing to the end of the regular season, the tournament site that has the top 8 or 12 teams assigned to it will play using the normal service line in the USAV Rule book; all other 12's sites will play using the modified service lines described above in (a). (c) For all Regional Championship tournaments and National bid tournaments, all 12’s divisions will play using the normal service line in the USAV Rule book.

Can I enter more than one tournament at a time?

YES! Please include one Tournament Entry Form per tournament for our files, but you need only write one check. Please do not staple checks to the Tournament Entry Forms as this delays processing.

You can also enter tournaments at our Online Payments page.  If you enter more than one tournament with one payment, please group the entries together by TEAM (not by tournament date).  We can process tournament entries in our Tournament System much faster by processing one team at a time.

What are the pool playing schedules at the tournaments?

NOTE: With the 2016 JUNIORS season, we will assign teams out to the sites in 4-team pool increments.  Most tournaments will have all 4-team pools and will play the normal 4-team pool format below.  Depending on the total number of entries in an age group, some sites may have a mixture of 3-team pools and 4-team pools.  There is also a special format for 6 teams only in a tournament (below).  In limited cases and with prior approval, we "may" have a 5-team pool if we have 5 teams left over after all sites have been assigned and can put them together into a 2 court site.  In that case, they would play a full round-robin schedule (new in 2016). 

THREE TEAM POOLS (Juniors mainly - and only when used with at least one other 4-team pool in the tournament):
Top 2 teams advance to playoffs.
Format for Juniors - 2 out of 3 sets to 25 points rally score (third set to 15 switch at 8).
Seed all teams 1 through 3.
1-3 2
2-3 1
1-2 3
30 min lunch
1-3 2
2-3 1
1-2 3

Top 2 teams advance to playoffs.
Format for Adults - 3 sets to 25 points rally score. There should be a coin toss and teams switch sides half-way through (at 13) to be consistent with a 3-set match (even though it is still pool play).
Format for Juniors - 2 out of 3 sets to 25 points rally score (third set to 15 switch at 8).
Seed all teams 1 through 4.
1-3 2
2-4 1
1-4 3
30 min lunch
2-3 1
3-4 2
1-2 4

FIVE TEAM POOLS - New for 2016 Junior Season
Top 2 teams advance to Finals.
Two sets to 25 points rally score.  Start at 0-0.
Seeded teams are in spots 2 and 4 only.
1-2 3
3-4 5
1-5 4
2-3 1
4-5 2
1-3 4
2-5 3
1-4 2
3-5 1
2-4 5

Format for Juniors - 2 out of 3 sets to 25 points rally score (third set to 15 switch at 8).
All teams advance to playoffs.
Seed all teams 1 through 3.
1-3 2
2-3 1
1-2 3
30 min lunch
PLAY                             REF
QF1 P2-2nd vs P1-3rd P2-1st
QF2 P1-2nd vs P2-3rd P1-1st
SF1 P1-1st vs WQF1 LQF1
SF2 P2-1st vs WQF2 LQF2
Finals WSF1 vs WSF2 LSF


SIX TEAM POOLS (on 2 courts) - ADULT Tournaments only:
Top 2 teams advance to playoffs.
Format for Adults - 2 sets to 25 points rally score.
Seeded teams in spots 3 and 6 only.
1-2 3 4-5 6
5-6 4 2-3 1
1-3 2 4-6 5
1-4 3 2-5 6
3-5 4 2-6 1
3-4 5 1-6 2
2-4 6 1-5 3
3-6 1

SEVEN TEAM POOLS (on 2 courts) - ADULT Tournaments only:
Top SIX teams advance to playoffs.
Format for Adults - 2 sets to 25 points rally score
Seed teams 1 through 7.
1-6 4 3-7 5
4-7 1 2-5 3
1-3 7 5-6 2
2-4 3 1-7 6
3-5 4 2-6 7
1-4 5 6-7 2
4-5 1 2-3 6

Will there be an All-Region team or other awards announced for Juniors this season?

Current plans are to name an All-Tournament Team (ATT) at the overall Carolina Regional Championship tournaments where the top teams from the East and West come together to decide the overall Regional Champions (currently scheduled for April 11 weekend). The ATT will consist of three players off the Championship team, two players off the Finalist team, one player each from the losing semi-finalist teams, and an MVP (does not have to come from the champion team). The coaches of the participating semi-finals/finals teams will nominate their players to the ATT.  The MVP will be selected by a committee of the two Head Coaches of the finalist teams, the paid officials assigned to the Championship match, and the Tournament Director. The Tournament Director will chair the MVP committee and break all ties.  An ATT team will not be named at the individual East and West Regional Championship sites.  However, new for 2015 Season we will name an MVP at each East/West Regionals site.

The Region will be implementing a new honor to recognize top Junior Officials this season.  The Officials Division is implementing a Junior Regional Referee and Scorer rating system this season. Outstanding Junior Officials may ask to be rated by National and Junior National Referees in order to receive a Junior Regional Rating. Referees that attain this certification will be receive a shirt and patch and be recognized on the Carolina Region website!

Our tournament got cancelled due to inclement weather. Will you reschedule that tournament?

We are usually not able to reschedule tournaments that are cancelled due to weather.  Our tournament schedule (Weekends used) is finalized during June of each year.  We generally use every available weekend January through March.  Easter and Qualifiers also affect out schedule in March/April.  So, if we lose a tournament weekend, we do not have another available weekend to move tournaments to.  Teams that have a tournament cancelled will receive a full refund of their entry fee.

When looking at our Tournament Roster, we see a 'Y' and 'P' under the Referee or Scorer columns. What does that mean?

The 'Y' means that player or coach has attended a Referee (or Scorer ONLY clinic if it is under the Scorer column) and has completed all the requirements to be certified.  The 'Y' stands for 'Yes' (they are certified).

The 'P' means that player or coach has 'registered' for a clinic (either in-person or online) but HAS NOT completed all their requirements to be certified yet.  Their certification is 'Pending'.  If the player or coach is taking the online clinic, then they need to log in to the course site and complete the clinic curriculum to 100%.  Once it shows as 100%, their certification should move to current (and a 'Y' will appear on next roster printed).  If a player/coach attended an in-person clinic and their status is showing as a 'P', then they need to contact the Region office so we can confirm they were on the results report from the clinic.

Only those individuals showing as a 'Y' should be reffing and scoring at the tournaments.

Why does our division always have to travel so far to play (to mountains, coast, etc)?

See the question below for more about the assigning process.  But, the basic answer is that we always need a lot of courts every weekend to provide enough opportunities for every division to play.  We rarely turn down a request for a site to host a tournament, especially if they are flexible as to which division they can host.  Last year we needed 45+ courts to host the older age group tournaments on any weekend and 56+ courts for the younger age groups!

If your age group is traveling a lot then we basically did not receive any requests from tournament hosts in your area to host your division.  We try to spread the division assignments around so divisions do not travel to outlying areas as much, but the reality is that we seem to get a lot of requests to host from sites on the western part of the state and not as many requests from the eastern part.  We are continuing to target areas in the east to host.

If you're interested in hosting an event in your area for your division, submit a sanction request form and we will do our best to accommodate you!

What time does the tournament start?

9:00 am - All adult and junior tournaments will begin competition promptly at 9:00 am unless the tournament director requests a waiver, in which case all teams will be notified of the new time (this is rare). There will be a Captain's Meeting at approximately 8:30 am at adult tournaments. The Coaches Meeting will take place at 8:30 am at Junior tournaments. Teams are required to have a representative at this meeting, or they risk missing out on valuable information or even losing a spot in the tournament (also, Junior teams not represented and not calling ahead "may" forfeit their first set of the tournament).

Additional policies for  ADULT competition - Teams that are incomplete for their first assignment (either playing or officiating) may be penalized for their first match by one point per minute late up to a maximum of 25 points. This penalty would be instituted even if the Tournament Director rearranges the schedule to accommodate the late arriving team.

How will teams be ranked for seeding the Adult and Junior tournaments?

We will be utilizing the same Points System as last season for the 2013/2014 season. The Points System will be an online-based system and we will provide a link to it on our website so all teams can see their individual results. This site will also list ALL tournament entries and results during the year, so all teams will have one link to follow to get this information this season! Teams will be assigned a point figure to begin the season based on what they select on the Team Registration Form. As teams play each other their point total will adjust based on the result of the sets between the teams. Winning a set against a team with a higher point total than you will raise a team's point level. Losing a set against a team with a lower point total will cause a team's point total to lower. Thus, we will get results for all pool play matches and playoffs. The set results for pool and playoffs will be used to update point totals (i.e. additional points for winning a tournament or matches are no longer part of the system). Teams will not lose any points for not playing a tournament. Remember - The Ranking System for Adults and Juniors will ONLY be used to aid in seeding tournaments, assigning teams to sites (Juniors only) and putting tournament pools together [exception - the Ranking System may be used to determine who is eligible for the Regional Championships if there is a lack of facilities for a particular division (i.e. only room for 10 Men's Gold teams then top 10 teams by the Ranking System will have first priority into Men's Gold). All efforts will be made to find enough courts for all teams that enter the Regional Championships by their deadline.] The Ranking System does not recognize "the Region Champion". That comes on the court at the Regional Championships (exception - if a division does not get enought entries to hold a Regional Championship, then the Points Standings will be used to name a Region Champion for the season). All Carolina Region Adult and Junior regular season tournaments will feed into the Ranking System (if we receive adequate results from Hi Neighbor, Junior Hi Neighbor, and Quest we may be able to feed that into system as what is required is only the set results between two teams in our Ranking system). By design, out-of-Region teams will need to be put into the system in order to have accurate results. We will mark out-of-Region teams with their Region behind their teamname so our teams can know to ignore them when ranking teams top to bottom. The Ranking System will not be updated for out-of-Region tournaments. Please go to our Points FAQ for additional answers to common questions about the Points system.

How do I know if I'm in the tournament?

Adults and Juniors - After the deadline for the tournament passes (see adult or junior schedules on web site for posted deadlines), a listing of all teams in the tournament will be placed on Region's Web site at the Points System (select appropriate division and then click on tournament date). Pool information will be added to the points system the week of the tournament. Directions to all sites are also posted on the web. Teams will not receive mailings from the Tournament Director or Region this season (unless there is a late change) so every team should designate some players/parents to check the page regularly for updates (it's a good idea to check even as late as Friday before the tournament as changes do happen during the week!).

What happens to the team entry requirements for the National Bid tournaments if one of the regular season tournaments is affected by Inclement weather?

If a tournament that is eligible to be used as a qualifying tournament for the National Bid tournament is cancelled, then the teams entered in that tournament will have their requirement to be eligible to participate in the National Bid tournament reduced by one. If a team withdraws from a tournament due to inclement weather but the tournament is still held, then that team may appeal to the Region to have their minimum requirement lowered by one. There will be no limit to the number of times a team may have their requirement lowered if their schedule is affected by cancelled tournaments.

How are the All-Region Teams Selected for the Adults?

Based on feedback from the adult team reps, an All-Region or All-Tournament team will not be awarded this season.

We will be unable to attend the tournament that we signed up for. What is the refund policy and procedure?

As soon as you know you cannot make a tournament, please notify the Region Office. If you are pulling out as late as Friday before the tournament, please notify the Tournament Director ("Contact" on the schedules) if you do not actually "talk" with anyone at the Office (i.e. have to leave a message). JUNIORS - If you pull out of a tournament more than 2 weeks before the tournament, you will receive a full credit of entry fees paid to use towards other tournaments (you still need to send an entry in by deadline when using credits). If you pull out 1-2 weeks before the tournament AND the Region can replace you in the tournament, then you will receive a 50% credit. If you pull out less than a week before the tournament, there are no refunds for any reason as the Region is committed to paying the Tournament Director that fee at that time. ADULTS - If you withdraw by the tournament entry deadline, then you will receive a full refund/credit. Withdrawals after the tournament entry deadline cannot be refunded as the Region is committed to paying the Tournament Director that fee at that time. All teams may petition in writing to the Board of Directors for refunds if they so choose. Withdrawals due to inclement weather are covered in the Inclement Weather Policy.

The deadline for the upcoming tournaments is near and I have not received our USAV numbers yet (or registered with the Region). Can we still enter the tournament?

YES (see also #9 under Registration questions)! You can download a blank Tournament Entry Form here for this purpose. Carolina Region teams do not need to fill in their USAV numbers on the tournament entry forms being sent to the Region Office (we will know who is registered by the appropriate deadlines). Out-of-Region teams MUST provide their USAV numbers before the tournament! Upon registration with the Office, Club Administrators will be able to print a completed Tournament Entry Form from their online member page to use for later tournaments with the USAV numbers already on it (make plenty of copies). The rosters at the tournaments will also already have your USAV numbers on it.