Adult Clubs

The typical Carolina Region Adult club comprises of only one adult team but may consist of more. Regardless, the Carolina Region allows limited movement of players between all adult teams (all adult teams part of same “club”). See the Adult Player Movement Policy at FAQ for more information. This section of the website provides information and forms our Adult Team Reps need to operate during the season.

2016/2017 Adult Team Registration Form

2016/2017 Adult Team Registration Packet and Season Information

2016/2017 Adult Player Movement Form

2016/2017 Adult Team Handbook - To be posted when insurance info received from USAV.  All the policies and information on Carolina Region’s Adult Volleyball Program

USAV Waiver for Junior Players participating on an Adult Team (as player)

2017 US Open Championships Deadlines - Minneapolis, MN

Club Administrator User Guide (USA Volleyball’s WebPoint System)

Adult Team Payment - Sample spreadsheet for Team Rep to track payments/expenses