All Time - Past Commissioners

All Regional Volleyball Associations of USA Volleyball are required to have a Regional Commissioner to serve as the primary organization leader and liaison to USA Volleyball. Prior to 2006, the Commissioner served as the head of the Carolina Region Board of Directors and was elected by the membership. The Board restructured in 2006 to create a typical President, Past-President, Treasurer, and Secretary Executive Officer Committee at the head of the Board. With this restructuring, the Commissioner is now appointed by the Board to represent the Region to the general public and USA Volleyball. The Carolina Region has been very fortunate to have dedicated volunteers step forward to serve as Commissioner and President. The Region has had tremendous growth during each of these individual’s term of service and is deeply appreciative of their dedication to North Carolina volleyball!

Fred Wendelboe1982-1997
Chuck McCracken1997-2003
Karl Owen2003-2006
Kevin Wendelboe2006-

Karl Owen2006-2008
Fred Wendelboe2008-2012
Michael Spillman2012-