2013-2014 Adult Tournament Entry Procedures

Information below may have been summarized, rephrased to suit this section, or updated based on current season conditions to aid in the information disclosure. Refer to the 2014 Operating Code for the approved Carolina Region policies and procedures. If there are any discrepancies not accounted for by in-season adjustments (i.e. for weather cancellations, etc), the 2014 Operating Code will be the final text for all policies.

Schedule Information:

  • The 2013/2014 Adult Tournament Schedule is tentative and subject to change [based on facility schedules (weather rescheduling by schools, etc) or other causes].
  • The dates listed on the 2013/2014 schedule are dates on which tournaments will be held for the 2013/2014 Adult season (initially only weekends are listed - tournaments will be held on either Saturday or Sunday of that weekend. We will update as soon as we know which divisions are playing on which date. Thank you for your patience.). The Region will make every effort to hold a tournament in all divisions on all listed dates. Even if a division is currently listed at "available" or "TBD", teams should still enter the tournament by the entry deadline. If sites are announced after the entry deadline, we will allow all entered teams the chance to withdraw at no penalty up to seven days from the date the site was listed.
  • For entry information and withdrawals by Friday noon before the tournament, contact the Region Office.
  • For all other information (directions, hotels, and withdrawals after Friday noon before the tournament), contact the Tournament Contact (copy the Region Office if sending an email to withdraw).
  • Day of Tournament Contact number (if provided) will be a cell phone, pager, or facility phone you can try the day of the tournament if you are withdrawing or running late, etc.

Entry Information:

  • The Regular Season Adult Tournament Entry Fee will be $90.
  • The Regional Championships Tournament Entry fee for all Divisions will be $125. For 2014, the Region will make all efforts to provide an R1 for Regionals for the same entry fee!
  • All entries should be mailed with payment so the Carolina Region (address info is here and on the entry form) receives it at least ten (10) days before the tournament (deadline date is under the tournament date on the schedule) except Regionals which is due two weeks in advance. The Late Tournament Entry Fee will be $25. The late fee should be included whenever an entry is sent in that will be received after the deadline (all late fees are designated to the High Performance Program).
  • A blank 2013/2014 Tournament Entry form is available here. In addition, Club Administrators set up in the USAV online system with appropriate permissions will be able to log in to their member account and view/print completed (player names, USAV numbers, etc) tournament entry forms for all the teams in their club.
  • You may enter more than one tournament at a time, but a separate entry form for each tournament entered should be included so there are no issues as to which tournament was entered (only one check needed for multiple entries). DO NOT staple or tape checks to the Entry Forms, please! Entries will be delayed if proper payment is not received.
  • Carolina Region teams may go to our Online Payments Page to pay and enter a tournament online. No other entry form is required. Out-of-Region teams from a non-Webpoint Region must still submit a tournament entry form (by mail or fax) with complete, current USAV membership numbers for all participants to be eligible to participate in a tournament (if room).
  • Tournament Withdrawals - The deadline to withdraw from a tournament is 10 days before the tournament.  Entry fees will not be refunded for any reason for withdrawals less than 10 days before the event.  To withdraw, please send an email to Region Office with teamname and tournament date withdrawing from.  The Tournament Director should also be copied if withdrawing on the Friday before the event.

Tournament Directors:

  • Tournament Directors can download a Tournament Sanction Request Form and Hosting Information letter from our Tournament Directors section to request to host a tournament listed as "Available".
  • Tournaments are scheduled to be held in Gold (highest skill level), Silver, and Bronze (lowest skill level) divisions for Men and Women if the number of registered teams support three divisions.


  • All Teams must play in THREE (3) regular season tournaments to be eligible for the Regional Championships. Any tournament held before the Regional Championships that appears on our Sanctioned Tournament Schedule may count towards the minimum requirement for Regional Championships.
  • The Points System will be used to group teams into divisions for all tournaments. Thus, teams may play in different divisions from tournament to tournmament in order to maximize the usefulness of the points system. Final division assignments will be made at the end of the season so teams know which division they will compete for Regional Championships.

Special Two Day Tournaments:

  • The Adult Hi Neighbor and any other two-day tournaments announced (if applicable) are the only tournaments on our schedule that entries go directly to the Tournament.
  • Please do not send entries for the Adult Hi Neighbor to the Region Office (we will not forward them to the tournament and the delay may cause you to go on their waiting list).
  • Direct all inquiries about the tournament to the Tournament Contact.