2014 Libero Uniform Rule

Beginning in the 2014-15 USAV season, the following verbiage will be used in regards to Libero jerseys contrasting with regular team jerseys.  Make note of this if you order uniforms for multiple seasons!

As of SEPTEMBER 1, 2014, it is required that either the Libero or their teammates wear a solid color jersey. The solid color jersey must clearly contrast from the predominant color(s) of the teammates’ jersey. Predominant colors are those that appear on approximately half of the body of the uniform jersey.

To be considered solid colored:

a. Sleeves must be the same color as the body of the jersey.
b. Piping/trim not exceeding 1 inch in total at its widest point may be placed along the seams and may be a different color than the uniform jersey.
c. Lettering and collars can be a different color than the body of the jersey.
d. Numbers must be a contrasting color and meet all other specifications in Rule 4.3.3 and associated USAV regulations.


Please review the two documents below and the text below for updated information from USA Volleyball and the USA Volleyball Rules Commission concerning the Solid Color Jersey implementation for the 2015 Season:

In an effort to alleviate some confusion over the solid colored jersey rule that went into effect on September 1, and to ease the transition to the new rule, the Rules Commission has agreed to the following modified interpretations for the coming season.

Either the Libero and/or the rest of the team must wear a solid colored jersey that clearly contrasts with the predominant color(s) of the other jerseys. To be considered compliant as a solid colored jersey, the jersey must be a single color, including the sleeves. Numbers must be clearly contrasting and meet the size and location requirements as described in Rule 4.3, i.e. centered on the player’s chest and upper back and at least 4" and 6" front and back, respectively. Exceptions for collars, cuffs and piping/trim, provided the piping/trim is along a working seam and is no wider than 1" at its widest point, are provided for in the rule. This part of the rule and its associated interpretations has not changed.

What has changed is that the Rules Commission has decided to relax the implementation of the solid colored jersey definition only as it pertains to the size and placement of the team logo/name graphic. Effective immediately, printing of the club/team/player name on the jersey and printing of a club logo or team mascot on the jersey will not be considered when determining if the jersey is compliant as a solid colored jersey.

Clubs are encouraged to follow the more restrictive examples portrayed in the VRT module since the intent is to enforce the definitions as agreed to by USAV, NCAA and NFHS for next season (beginning September 1, 2015). The placement of the numbers as defined in the rules will still be enforced (centered on player’s chest and upper back) and could not be displaced by the team logo/name graphic. There is a very complete explanation on the VRT site which further illustrates solid colored jersey examples at: https://www.volleyballreftraining.com/training_materials_indoor.php. Click on Solid Colored Jersey Rule at the top of the right hand column.

It is important to note here that any jersey that was legal last year will still be a legal jersey this year, it just may not be compliant as a solid colored jersey. That means that either the team or the Libero could still wear any jersey that was legal last year, the only difference is that now the opposite jersey (worn by either the Libero or the rest of the team) would need to be compliant as a solid colored jersey.